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  • Does LinkRealms have timers? or delays of any kind except lag?

  • @JohnK said:

    Does LinkRealms have timers? or delays of any kind except lag?

    The question is quite generic - timers on what exactly? :)

  • On anything! I hate timers!


    There are timers, Can you be more specific? Some that I know of are: "Dungeon Collapses" once a progressive dungeon Boss is killed which gives time to Lock-Pick chests without being interfered with from spawns - This also goes in part with the respawning of the dungeon to be ran again. There are certain delays in casting, in correlation with the armor you wear. Vendors have delays on spawning certain items. Ill check back in. Let me know some more details.

  • The two games I mentioned in another thread (DDO & RIFT) both have the motto: Timers, timers everywhere but none make any sense. A dungeon respawn is ok, but there are things like recalling into a load screen.... both are timers.


    Everything is Real-time and I have notices recalling anywhere puts you there instantly and loads instantly. However when in "town" some of the larger areas are a couple of seconds of "load time." With that said, some of the progressive dungeons are on a "based on amount killed' in a certain time frame.

    As I read a little further into the games mentioned above:

    *There are Buff/Debuff timers with a said amount of time they have effect on player/spawn. (which are fair)
    *There are no "raid timers" unless otherwise specified as a world event specially created by a dev/admin.
    *There are cooldown times/delays. However, there is equipment to be gained that increase Cast Speed, although none that reduce cooldown time/attack speed. - I do believe there is a MAX/Hit/per second. Which "attributes to weapons/staff's" are provided, I/e (Double Strike, Double Edge, Rapid Reload and so fourth.
    There are Spawn Timers, Some are Convenient, some are not and need Two or more people to say, "pick a chest" without interference.

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