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  • Hello everyone!
    I have some questions please kindly answer

    -I loved UO, is this game similar?
    if its similar how much ?

    -I can play 1-2 hours every other day, do i need to grind a lot?
    Can i macro as i did in UO, In uo scripting, writing script was also a part of the game for me.

    -I hope its not pay to win?

  • Welcome to link realms.
    yes i think this game is similar a lot to the old uo but with a better graphic.
    you will see on your own when the open week of winter beta will start in a month .

    I like this game because the experience of the charachter comes from playing
    and not from macroes and afk programs so much .
    The moment in which u will enjoy most will be when u will improve day by day killing the ton of monsters that are in the map either safe either unsafe zone.
    Be aware that when u will travel in unsafe zone there will be pk also waiting for u :)

    i don't know if there are macro software for this game.
    i personally use macrorecorder to do such skill that would be boring doing by hand such as tailoring or other working skill that u only have to push a button.
    if u use macrorecorder u would not be able to use your computer because your mouse will be always moving.
    Remember that it is forbidden to collect resources being afk .
    Ban will be the result doing such an action.

    This game is not a pay to win .

    Falck Dreworok

  • Alright i've checked some videos and.... Even mouse cursor is like UO cursor.

    ı Will definitely play. when is OPEN BETA?? or can i get a key for beta or do i have to purchase?

  • Beta will start Early January (I'm 99,9% sure). The easiest way to get entrance at this moment, is to buy founder pack (cheapest is 9,95$) or you can try to get key, but I can't say for sure if there will be beta keys this time at all.

  • you can still get a beta key for free by promoting the game if you're a part of a larger gaming community or forum that you can post the linkrealms link and talk about it and give it some hype.

  • i hyped my friends which consist of 7 people still playing UO. Would that count?


    I've even seen people post of their social media to promote the game.. and that's been sufficient i think... just make a few posts.. and copy paste the proof under the appropriate thread listed under the forum manifest.

    Hope to see you in game


    Hello @frtbkr!

    Welcome to the community! To answer some of your questions~ I've never played Ultima Online so I cannot comment on whether or not the two are similar, but by the sound of it they definitely have some similarities!

    Playing 1-2 hours every other day shouldn't set you back as long as you run content you have the same chance at getting the rare drops as everyone else. There's also PvP which can help you gear up pretty quickly. We have a stat cap in place and the option to respec your stats at any time so you only need to worry about 1 character.

    I can't give you any information at this time on whether or not scripting is allowed, that's something @Prometheus would have to answer.

    This game is not pay to win.


    I've seen it in a thread awhile back that the only thing they frown on any auto looting. Could have changed sense then hopefully this helps you out some how

  • I think you'll like it, it doesn't take too long to get your head around it!

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