~ The ultimate new player guide ~ by RIP (in Development)

  • Hello everyone!

    This guide's purpose is to give some guidance to new people starting the game and help them learn the basic features of it, like main locations, crafting, leveling tips, tricks to avoid PKs and controversies etc.I will hold new players by the hand with this guide, giving them clear advancing goals from their first step in game tutorial, till the end of questline, skill cap and start of end-game gear grinding.

    I am doing this guide, cause Linkrealms is one magnificent game, that currently lacks the guidance to new players. As a result, new people here get lost in the game and due to lack of feature explaination, they have a hard time adjusting to the game and finally leave it due the difficulty to make progress in ealry-mid stages of the game, constantly getting PKed and loosing gear. To all new players out there. give this game some time, be patient and you will be rewarded by an awesome MMO experience, really hard to find anywhere else.

    I will try to keep this as organized as possible. It can be used as a general walkthrough of early stages of the game or just as a source of information for new players.

    1. Things to know before character creation
    2. Getting Started
    3. World Exploration & Endgame Preparation
    4. Macro/AFK Skill Training
    5. Being Self Sustainable
    6. Gearing Up

    Feel free to coment on any piece of advice in here, post things you would like me to add in this guide, correct me if i missed something in there and of course ask if you don't understand some things in here.

    I will touch only matters that i am 100% sure that will work. I am not the best player in the game or anything. I am only playing for 2 months now, but havent missed a single day and i consider myself as one of the most active players here.

    The guide has been made with patch 9.1 and 10 in mind. I will try to keep updated in the future, but some of these tips might not work later.

    Siltoruz D' Exarz
    Guildmaster (RIP)

  • 1. Things to know before character creation:

    • The game has 2 servers. One PvE only and the other one PvP. I recomend PvP server cause this is the purpose of this game. It has more players in general by big difference and uses full loot PvP. All areas are PvP areas except from the 2 towns in game which are considered safe zones. This guide is made with PvP server in mind and will explain things here based on that.
    • The game uses a blessing system. You can use bless scrolls on your gear to add 10 bless charges to a pice of gear. Some charges are lost when you die, but your gear cant be looted by other players. There are common, uncommon and rare bless scrols each one for the appropriate rarity of gear c-> yellow, uc-> green, r-> blue and artifact gear. They in order need 5k, 10k, 20k gold to be cast. Gold is adviced to be stored generally. DON'T START BLESSING CRAP. You will farm a lot of gear daily. You be able to afford to loose some. At starting point i would recomend not to bless yellow or green (maybe a really good set of greens). Definatelly not blues yet. In preparation phase you need to gather as many rare bless scrolls (from now refered to as RBS) which you will be using later on end game gear, where they are mostly needed.
      Note: RBS drop rates where greatly increased in patch 10 so it will be possible to bless more gear now, but i still would not recomend that due to the cost in gold.
    • The game uses a stat point/skill point system. Maximun stat cap is 275, with maximum individual stat cap being 125, while skill cap is at 700 and individual skills cap at 100. Both caps can be raised using the Elixirs found in the corpses of the bosses of the Tartaros dungeon (more info later in the guide). Next to each stat or skill there is a lock or an arrow pointing up or down. This allows you to raise/decrease or lock a skill in order to perfect your build. This means you dont need to reroll a maxed character, you can fix mistakes on the way.
    • There are some important skills that i would recommend picking from the start (with the 40 point bonus from character creation) cause it will save you time and will help you gather money faster. First skill you definatelly need to get from start is Lockpicking. This will allow you to unlock lvl 40 chests from the start of your linkrealms experience and will help you gain gold and gear fast. This is important. Other skills worth taking from the start is one weapon skill definatelly (mauling,severing,marksmanship,staffs or Martial Arts). Without it you will have huge disadvantage in combat and might not be able to kill the first mobs you meet (btw i beleive that those are mandatory now). Other skills would be Endurance cause it feels like one of the hard ones to macro, and after that Constitution to buff your early health regeneration.
    • Your best choice as a new player is to make your first character an invocation mage, that uses staffs. This is by far the best PvE build in the game right now. It has all the best AOEs in the game, at a point where you will be able to farm dungeons almost half or 2/3s the time all other classes need, has best mobility in game which means its easier to escape ganks with it, has some usefull utility to trap/escpae from ppl. Very usefull starting class.
    • Beware of Hiding/Stealthing skills. Those skills are for specific builds only and need an experienced player with perfect gear to be viable. Even if they improved hiding in patch 10 it still does not worth the 100 points in my opinion. Those skills can be used for specific playstyles in the game, like a gatherer/lockpicker who wants to avoid PK, but i definately recomend not messing with them early on. Only consider those for 2nd special character. Some really thoughtfull builds could work in PvP but its definately advanced gameplay and overall you loose skill points from needed raw power. Can be tempting but don't mess with them for now.
    • Keep a low profile! hehehe. This could indead be no1 too. Easilly. The thing you dont want in any case is to draw attention to you. Don't start fighting with other people. Only defend yourself, and be nice in general. Respect the open pvp aspect of the game and dont go mad if you die. You dont want to make enemies now that you dont have the gear and experience to defend yourself. The world is might seem nice but the dungeons are all open and the farming locations pretty known to all so if you start vendetas enemies will find you in the end.
      I would advice you to socialise with other new players, make a forum account with a different name than you character so you can approach for help to experienced players without them noticing your characters existance in game, for the whole of this phase keep your toon out of the guilds.

  • 2. Getting Started:
    The game has a short tutorial about movement, equiping and using items etc. It only takes 2 min to finish. Dont skip that!

    After tutorial you will be teleported to Riverbank square! Welcome to the world!

    • In front of you there is the mayor of town who will give you the first quest of a small questline. This questline will take you to NPC locations in town, explain some features just the basics though. It also will reward you with some gold to get you started and some newbie artifact gear that are nice starters. Your first objective is to finish the questline.
      This will take about 1-3h for a new player. All NPCs are in the safezone, and you can easily find them by exploring the town a bit.
      It will take you to tailor and blacksmith in townsquare, to the cow farm and tavern north of square, graveyard where there are mobs and newbie dungeons to train, a hunter (archer gear NPC) at the north west end of town, make wine for tavern etc. In the end you will approximately have 10-12K gold from quests. Store those in bank you ll need em.

    • Now you have your first cash, and basic knowledge of the game. Quests are over, so what to do now? I ll be honest with you and make a small parenthesis here. I have added this step here, because the guide felt too much of a powerleveling guide and requests were made for a more casual friendly guide. So after the questline there are some things you can do, to help you experience PvE and level up a bit more while enjoying your first run in LinkRealms. If you are a more competative mind that wants fast level up and maximum efficiency to catch up with competition, this step can be ignored.
      a) Inside the safezone in Riverbank there are some newbie friendly dungeons designed to provide a safe environment where new players can explore the game mechanics, socialize and gather some early skill points and argents. I dont have experienced all of this content yet, since i like the risk of the wilds, and exploring things myself, but @Roundwaters (he is a player in the PvE server so he has more info on things like that) recently made a new guide specific for those dungeons inside the safe zone, so instead of repeating his advice here i m gona give him credit and also link his guide here, so refer there for more info, and be goode :P Upvote his work too. Its nice to do so in helpfull posts like that.
      b) There is one hotspot in Riverbank.. The cattle where the cows spawn. Questline takes you there so you will remember the spot. Those cows drop their skins. Those can be proccessed into plain leather. Now those who want to level up tailoring, this matterial is highly needed for their endgame lvling proccess. So you can go there to max your battle skills and also gather the leather for later use (explained in crafting part). There is a cap on each skill, that cant be surpassed inside the safezones. I think it is 60 but i m not sure. (@Prometheus ??)
      c) While early in game, you can use your "newbie" status to harvest from the Riverbank farms. There you can find things like Wheat, Grapes, Fruit and Vegetables (:p), which you can use to level up Cooking while making your own healing items which can save you good sums of gold. Another thing to note is that mid to best heals in game are only available through Cooking as NPCs sell only the low grade ones, so you can consider cooking or at least have a friend that cooks!
      d) Last but not least, visit the bank often, as people tend to throw out spare items in the bank floor for others to use. Its like an unwritten code in LR so feel free to pick anything that you want to use from the bank floor!

    • Your priority now is to get yourself a Realm. You need that, to have a safe place to train your skills, extra storage, teleportation location and of course for farms and private skill training. A base if you will!
      To do that you need around 35K. That's where lockpicking comes in. For Lockpicking the place to start is Riverbank safezone. There are some low lvl chests for you to open in Tailor, Taverns, Blacksmith,Bank,farmhouse west of bank. Also if you followed this guide and picked 40 lockpicking at second floor of bank there are four lvl 40 chests to open. Those are your main target. You should do those and then while they respawn go make a full loop of the previous low lvl chests. Now, for the lvl 40 chest you need uncommon expert lockpicks. Both basic and expert lockpicks can be bought from the blacksmith. Ussually the one in Riverbank square does not have expert locks on him. North of Riverbank there is a village called Ravefeast. This is the second town in game. The blacksmith there almost always sells expert lockpicks. This is the common way to get those. Now there is a built in teleportation network in the world of LinkRealms. At the southwest end of Riverbank there is portal surrounded by crystals. This portal takes you to the center of the telepotation network. From there there are 3 ends. One leading to Riverbank, one to Ravenfeast and the last leads to the Darkling Camps (this is a bit higher level area. will explain later) in the far west part of the map. Experiment with the portals to find the one leading to Ravenfeast. Don't worry cause they work both ways. Now while there, mark a map (explained in teleportation below), buy your Expert Lockpicks and teleport back to Riverbank to open those lvl 40 chests.

    At this point i will add some info on teleporting. To teleport you need to buy some uncharted maps from the 2 mages in Riverbank square, a Teleportation wand and a chart location wand. Mages can unlock the teleport and chart location spells in time from spellbook but first thing to do is to set a decent network in town by using those stuff. You use chart location on an unmarked map, and it marks your location on the map. Then use Teleport on marked map, to teleport to that location. You can only teleport from safe zones(cities) or realms you or your friends own to the same specific areas. Teleport is anavailable in PvP zone.

    Now you are farming for cash through lockpicking lvl 40+ chests, untill you have 35-40K so you can buy a realm for yourself. You can do that by buying a claim from banker and set it in an unclaimed realm in PvP zone to claim it for you.This method will also help you level up your lockpicking, which is an essential skill later on both for gearing up and earning gold/materials for some craftable Artifact gear. While this is the most efficient way in my opinion to earn some gold to at least own your first Realm, there are other ways to earn that cash. Maybe not as efficient but definatelly fun in their own way. I ll include those in the "Being Sustainable" part of the guide.

    • Next goal is to max your skills as fast as you can. At PvP zone/dungeons etc you will struggle if not maxed and it is not efficient to grind out there before at least 90 to your skills. I suggest maxing those through macroing, or afk training. You need the house so you can safely do that in there, but you can start in PvP zone too, if you are eager to max fast. To do this up to 100 you will have to buy a house though. Now while this is again the powerleveling way, there is the casual way to do it too. This includes farming some early lvl dungeons, grinding some good spots where you will get crafting materials and gold, picking chest etc. I ll include those in the "Being Sustainable" part of the guide.

  • 3. World Exploration & Endgame Preparation

    This part of the guide has been edited after request for a more casual gamer guide. I will explain farming spots, low level dungeons outside the safezones, and ways to level up your skills by actively playing the game. This is the fun way to reach close to the cap, but i definately adivice you to consider macro afk training at least combined with the casual active one cause leveling past 80 will be hard and slow to do without it. This is explained in the next part of the guide.

    OK so this part will be big i beleive.

    First of all, try to have your build figured in general before starting to level up your skills. This is to ensure that you lock up and down the appropriate skills from your paperdoll's skill list so you wont accidentally level up skills you dont want in your final build. Now i know that you might haven't decided yet the final built, but at least cut out some that you are sure you wont need, and emphasize on your basic ones. The best place to level up your skills is a place where you can do it, while also gathering crafting matterials, gold, gear etc. Here i will point out the places where you can do that from early on untill the point where you will be capable of clearing the first endgame dungeons and start gearing up with artifact gear.

    As i already mentioned, a good place to start is inside the safezone. With the dungeons there, the cow/leather farming, and the lockpicking chests. Now do yourself a favor and if you dont consider using afk training at all, stay inside the safezone, explore those dungeons there and level up untill the safezone cap. This will earn you gold, gear, some cool items, materials and survivability in the wilds cause your skills will be in a good level to start building from.

    After that it will be time to start venturing in the PvP zone. There are some interesting places there that its worth to explore, farm and spend some gametime on. Now there is a small trick here. There is a thing called "new player protection". This protects low level players from being attacked by other players while they wander the areas around Riverbank. This ends when the player gains a total of 500+ skill points or if one of his Combat/Arcane skills hit 90+. Now this can be used to your advantage so you can smartly plan how you will level up your skills to get the most out of this protection. Below in the "Low Level Areas of Interest" section areas (a)-(f) are within the borders of the coverage area of new player protection so people cant attack you there up to some point.

    Low Level Areas of Interest

    a) The Bandit Camp: Located excactly to the west of Riverbank. There you can go fight some Bandits, in a 3 level deep "dungeon". On level 1 there are ordinary bandit warriors, mages and archers. Mages drop some enhanced cloth and warriors/archers drop rough leather. Both nice for tailoring. On level 2 there is a warrior miniboss, good for some early gear, but also hard hitter without good armour. On level 3 there are mages, and a mage miniboss. There you can get some mage staffs. Also on level 2 and 3 there are chests ranging from lvl 30-60 which you can open for extra stuff and Lockpicking gear.
    Now next to the Bandit Camp realm, to the north, there is the Bandit Farm. There you can harvest some corps and kick a few more bandit asses :P
    b) The Honeybee Cave (Grub Cave): This is located far south of Bandit Camp. There are like 4-5 cave entrances there. From 2 of these you go into a tunnel with 2 spawns of 2 Grubs (worm like creatures). Those are very easy to kill early on the game, and drop 150~ gold ea, and lots of cloth and enhanced cloth. Actually early on this is the best place to gather plain cloth, which will be used to level tailoring from 0-85 (as always will explain later on).
    c) Tunnels of Deception: Next to the Haunted Mines entrance there is a portal leading to Tunnels of Deception. This is a "combat free" dungeon, meaning that can be cleared without much fighting as we are used to in LR, but it is actually a puzzle that needs you to think of how to solve it. Not that hard, but i m not gona spoil it here. Try to figure this out and in the end you will be rewarded by opening the door to a treasure room with up to lvl 50 chests. Very good place to level up lockpicking. Now what people dont know about in there, is that this is actually a very good place to farm and level your cobat skills too. In Second room of the dungeon, at the bottom west corner, there is a scourge spawner. Scourges are very badass mobs that do devastating damage so you will need high physical resistances and high weapon skill to dodge effectivelly, but when you feel comfortable killing those you can camp that spawner. this spawns only one scourge almost immidiatelly after you kill it. Scourges drop 250~ gold each, ghastly leather which is very good and valuable and some nice pieces of gear. Also this place is not PK crowded so its safer than Grub Cave for example that is pretty know spot.
    d) Haunted Mines: Coming Soon
    e) Green Spider Dungeon: This one is explained also in Roundwaters guide
    f) Blood Quarry: Coming Soon
    g) Lizzardgoth Arks: Those are the two chest icons on the map. There you will find a small spawn of ordinary Lizzardgoth mobs. They are guarding a lvl 60 chest. After killing those open the chest. Inside there is sand. You can prospect it with the prospecting pan (tool from blacksmith). By prospecting it you get gems that are used to craft artifacts later on.
    h) Spider Caves: Those are two similar dungeons that spawn on random locations in the world and are displayed by a Spider icon. There is a Big(harder) one and a Small (easier) one. I would suggest to find the one with the narrow spaces. There you kill spiders.A Queen spawns and drops a key. You use it on the doors of Treasury rooms. You get a timer when you kill the first mob in there. You have one hour to clear as many treasure rooms as you can, and then the dungeon restarts. There you can get Slayer Weapons and good gear from chests (jewlery are obtained from chests), gold, and cloth materials from the spiders. The chests there range from lvl 40-lvl 100 but it is adviced to have at least lvl 50 lockpicking cause most of those are lvl 50s.
    Note: Both spider caves are much more difficult than the rest of the dungeons here. I consider it to be the mid game stage. This is still viable in the endgame, but best to lvl up lockpicking, get gold, and good accessories
    i) The Minotaur Spot: At the southwest end of the map, you can see a tunnel represented by a connected dots. This tunnel has 2 levels. On the second one there are 3 minotaur spawns near each other. You can camp those there and kill the mino's. This is a good way to get some Rare Bless Scrolls from them and also some minotaur oysters (cooking material) and gear.
    Note: Minotaurs hit hard! be prepared. Also they drop no gold atm.
    j) The Stone Abyss: Now this is supposed to be a higher level dungeon but from my experience this should not be in the same tier as the endgame ones. Its mostly close to a mid-game dungeon. The difference in there is that without much combat skill you can work with the dungeons mechanics clear the mini bosses and get a chance for an artifact drop.
    Now this works like that. There are some Stone Golems in there. Those have a coloured crystal on their heads, red, blue or purple. The dungeon is filled with crystals of 3 colours. The Golems get immunity granted to them by the appropriate coloured crystals as the one on their head. Players need to clear the crystals, one colour only at a time. When all of one colour are out the immunity on the Golem stops. then you have to aggro pull it to one of the mining machines down there. When you pull the lever beside the machines rocks start to fall from them which do decent amount of damage to the golems. Hitting them with spells or weapons does nearly 0 dmg so this is the way to beat those. Rock Slayer weapons might do some dmg but still i\they are used to fill the gaps between pulling from one machine to the other.
    Note: Those artifacts there are for warrior classes only. This makes the dungeon not too crowded, but still some PK might wander there from time to time. There are some teleport devices in there that randomly teleport you to other ones in the dungeon. This tele network can be used to quickly tele away to random locations and avoid being PKed. Still be cautious.

    Those are pretty much most of the areas you can go to prepare yourself for end game and set the base for crafting and gear enhancing later on. Stock up materials, gold and all the wealth you can find, cause now the good part begins.

    In the next part i will explain how to macro/afk train at nights for those who want to fill the gap while sleeping, crafting/enhancing and finally end game dungeons and farming locations.

  • 4. Macro/AFK skill training

    How to afk train in PvP zone "safely"
    Note: To do this you need to go by the guide and start by picking one Weapon skill,Constitution the other should go lockpicking and endurance as already mentioned. Also you need to find and equip yourself with as much Life regeneration gear/swing speed increase/mana or psi or stamina regeneration, as possible.These will be obtained through lockpicking the lvl 40+ chests. Last but not least, you need to have an appropriate type of training weapon, the one handed to you when you make a new character, cause they are blessed and also they cannot break. My way is not the fastest way possible. My purpose here is to make it simple enough for new casual players. Max can be reached in a few nights with this method. Also AFTER lvl 80 experience potions from cash shop will save you MUCH time.

    If you havent reached the cash amount to get a claim for house yet but still want to train there are a couple of spots to do it. You need to get the max out of your new player protection time (you are protected from PKs untill you reach 500 skill points in total or pass lvl 90 on one of your main combat/arcane skills).

    1. Again the Bandit Camp: Excactly west of Riverbank there is place like a fort on map. This is the Bandit Camp. There is a hidden ladder near the realm entrance there, that gets you directly to lvl 2 of the camp in a small cave. There, there is a small spawn of 2-4 bandits. You find a corner there and try to aggro only 1-2 of those. Press tab to go to "War" mode and then you will start to auto attack the mobs that you aggro. Now for the first 10-20 min observe your HP bar, and even stay there to heal yourself. After you get some more Constitution and Weapon skill (this will be fast) you will see that you are now safe to stay there cause your Constitution/Life regen from gear will overheal the damage taken. This will raise your weapon skill, battle tactics, constitution, strength, agility. You are safe to stay there and afk train till your new player protection is up, cause then you might get ganked.
    2. Again The Grub Caves:The 3rd settlement to the south of bandit camp, there is a place called Honeybee Cave. There are like 4-5 cave entrances there. From 2 of these you go into a tunnel with a spawn of 2 Grubs (like worm scropion things). This is the best place to afk train. Much safer cause they dmg you less than bandits, and faster cause you can go there with not optimised gear as the bandits. You could even go there naked.If you can find those go there.

    Now in both cases when you feel secure enough about overhealing the damage you get you can start training Sorcery/One sorcery school/Meditation or Spiritualism/Concentration too. To do that you can use a macro to cast Burning Touch for Sorcery or Harvest Souls for Spiritualism. You do that the nooby way if you don't know how to macro, which is setting that skill in num0 and leaving an ashtray to constantly press it.

    How to afk train at home

    1. This is the best/safest way to max your skills from point 0 to 100, or even after newbie protection has ended. Doing this for Sorcery and Spiritualism is very simple and can be done the same way as before. Now training weapon skills and Constitution/Endurance was easy but became harder after patch 10, due to the multi account rules in that patch. The system needs 2 player characters hiting each other. Its best explained at@Holya guide http://forums.linkrealms.com/topic/4955/incomplete-ignore-for-now-holya-s-guide-to-picking-a-class-leveling-build-optimization-and-gearing-updated-for-patch-9-1/29
      He has much more experience than i do and very good info included there too ;)
      Now this is still possible if you have a friend or guild to help you out! This is currently the only legit way to do it, but i beleive the Devs will look into it in the future, so that logging in 2 accounts at the same time for training purposes will be allowed again. So you and your friend/guild trainer (now here is a nice idea introduced for guildmasters) can afk together to work as each others training dummy :p

    2. I will add the option of monster spawners here too, after @awol_lsd suggested me to do that.
      Now this method should be your last choice, cause it is really, much slower than the others. It could become an effective method again, if @Developers introduce some better spawners either in cash shop, or in game in general.
      Now in the cash shop, there are some items called Monster Spawners. You can place those in your realm and what they do, is to spawn 3 mobs of the type of the spawner you are using. Now the best to buy are Skeletal Spawners. Then you leave your toon near the spawn so the Skeleton agro you when they spawn, and you can train excactly as in all other methods. There is a limit of 3 spawners per realm active on the same time.
      Now i say that this method should be last cause skeletons have very low HP and will die easy. Nothing compered to Players,Grubs,Bandits. So at the final lvls progress would be VERY VERY slow. You might have a chance by applying XP boosters from the cash shop. I have personally never used one, but those work well.

    So yeah those are your best choices to train as fast as possible. I really recommend going for lvl 100 before abandonig afk training and start playing cause if activelly training 80-90 and 90-100 will take you weeks/months. Adding to that PvP zone is an unforgiving place. You have to respect it, explore it, but not fear it. So grow your skills before start roaming as a siting duck out there.

    Edit: Dont forget. You need to train ONLY by using your starter practice weapons. If you use ordinary ones they will break every couple of hours due to durability, making this experience a nightmare.

  • reserved for future

  • reserved for future

  • just a note: then skelleton spawners (especially now that can't have multiple accounts logged on) is good way to train combat skills. once high enough level can do so naked to save on item durability

    i mean sure there is down time for respawn but if don't have a friend to whack on you whlie you macro spam it works ;)

    [edit] they are also useful for training/leveling roosters

  • @awol_lsd said in ~ The ultimate new player guide ~ by RIP (in Development):

    just a note: then skelleton spawners (especially now that can't have multiple accounts logged on) is good way to train combat skills. once high enough level can do so naked to save on item durability

    i mean sure there is down time for respawn but if don't have a friend to whack on you whlie you macro spam it works ;)

    [edit] they are also useful for training/leveling roosters

    Yup this is definitely an option, and the most easy newbie friendly one, but did not mention it in the guide because its soo slooooowww.. ;)
    Its nowhere close, compared to Holya multi-character way and a lot slower than the PvP zone afk training.

    Anyways its still safe and it works. BTW Skeleton Spawners are cash shop items, so its possible to do that from day 1 if you are willing to pay some money for Claim Stake and a Spawner.

    We ll work a better legit way to do it soon, and update the guide.

  • @Siltoruz you've written a good "new player guide" here, definitely! There's just one thing I don't like much personally: sometimes, it sounds more like a guide for a "power-player" rather than the "average newcomer". I'll explain you what I mean below.

    In paragraph 2, you suggest new players to grind chests in town once they're done with the starting questline. While this is surely an efficient way to farm silver (thus good for power-players), it's hardly "fun" for the average player. I expect the average player to be looking for crafting, exploration, PvE... New players have several options to enjoy those safely. The town of Riverbank has the Goblin Basement, Goblin Event, Graveyard+Crypt, Cricket Cave, Bandit Cave, etc. The Legal zone has the Bandit Encampment, Blood Quarry, Lord Calcion, Tunnels Of Deception, etc. A player who gets taught the best places for low-level PvE and gets taught how to PvE well without dying (e.g. how to use hotkeys to heal, how combat skills work, what spells to use, what types of armor to use) is more likely to be a happy new player than one who spent hours running around town opening chests... Unless he's a power-player, as I've said ;)

    The same applies to macroing really. Sure, macroing tips can be very valuable for new players, since it will speed up their progression. However, a new player who has spent all of his time macroing up to level 100 will find himself without newcomer protection and without knowledge of PvE and PvP - the perfect way to get slaughtered easily (both my mobs and by assassins) and think the game is "unbalanced" because "the veteran with artifacts killed me in 2 seconds even if I have all skills at level 100".

    That being said, keep up the good work, I see a lot of potential in this guide!

    PS: you can have 3 spawners active at once, yes, and you will lose the newcomer status if you hit 500 levels in the skill total or level 90 in any "main" skill (basically those under Combat and Arcane).

  • kk @Prometheus i get your point. I ll try to do a more relaxed version. Just need some more time ;)

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