Hello LR community from one UO player to another.

  • Hello everyone, I'm a 36 year old illustrator and gamer who accidentally stumbled on LR from a suggested post on my FB feed (damn stalkers) but I'm glad I clicked on it because it brought LR into my peripheral vision. Otherwise I would of never heard of, let alone be so interested in this game. From what I've gathered from the videos and posts about LR throughout the past few years of its development, I know its heavily a UO spiritual successor; which honestly, is fantastic.

    I originally played UO back in '98 and my account was taken over by my brother back in 2004 and was just recently unsubbed last year :( but its ok, the game definitely has evolved into a big steaming pile of poop compared to what T2A was. I'm really looking forward to seeing what LR is all about next month, so here is to a new adventure from an old UO player and if you're not a UO player, well hello and good travels as well.


    Hello @Dkuang!

    Welcome to the community! If you have any questions feel free to ask and one of our team members or fellow community members will be happy to answer them for you! :)

    If you would like to get a hold of a beta key in time for the upcoming Winter Beta(starting Jan 9th), then there are a few things you can do.

    In the mean time, you can also check out our wiki page and get a head start on the basics and learn a little bit more about the game.

    Have a great day!

  • Do you know when the game will be fully released?


    We do not have a specific date, though we are shooting for Steam Early Access in March of 2016 and servers will be open permanently!

  • Any information if there will be another beta phase between Winter Beta (9th January) and Steam Early Acces?


    @Vetro, the Winter Beta will be the last one between now and Early Access.

  • Welcome @Dkuang from one UO player asswell :D
    I can tell... u gonna enjoy this game so much it reminds me a little of ultima gold days...
    well anything u need just pm me here or in game... its the same nickname :D good luck

  • @Pain said:

    @Vetro, the Winter Beta will be the last one between now and Early Access.

    @Pain and you got any information how it gonna work? We will be able to link our accounts with our steam account or?

  • @Doge Hey Doge thanks for the welcome, I'm definitely thinking I'll enjoy the heck out of the game and I'll be sure to give you a PM in game once the event starts. :) Cheers.

    @Pain Thank you for the warm welcome. The community here seems friendly and tight nit which is what I was use to back in the days of UO on Atlantic server. I'll definitely keep an eye on my inbox and I've already been going through the wiki and watching videos on youtube. ^_^

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