Newcomer here with beta acces.

  • Hello all,

    My name is vincent im 26 years old have played many games but now i mainly play games casually ,I just recieved an e-mail i got beta acces.
    I must confes i totally forgot about the game but now im happy i got the e-mail.
    In the near future i hope to slaughter many things with u guys ore craft legendary things,
    See you in the near future all and also a Happy new year !

    ps:If the game rocks il probally support it :)/ also my main langue is dutch so if you see flaws in my english sorry.

  • @berserker89 Welcome aboard, and great to hear you got a beta key (me too!). I'm on the same boat as you in terms of supporting the game. I'll make up my mind fairly quickly within the first few hours or day of playing the beta but I'm already pretty much 90% convinced LR is my type of game ( Ultima Online fan).

    Happy New Year as well and your English typing skills is fine enough, most important thing is to be able to communicate your thoughts and you're doing that quite well. Cheers and hopefully see you in game during the beta.

  • @berserker89 , @Dkuang If you never played LR before and you gonna have some questions/need some answers, just catch me in game. Same nick as here.


    I can't even remember when it opens up heh

  • Thanks for the welcome !

  • @Vetro I'll be sure to find you and or ask any questions if I have any once I get into the game. Thanks for the help in advance. :)

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