Link Realms vs UO? Which is better?

  • I would go as far as to say that this is quite close to a tie considering its amazing amount of potential for truly having the magic of UO. What do you all think so far? especially you Ultima Online veterans

  • I'm sure the "realms" will take a bit of getting use to compared to UO, being that UO had no loading since it was one large open map. With the exception of going into dungeons of course, but that was more of a transition than load. From what I've seen from videos and the like the loading between realm screens is like 1-2 seconds, which is nothing.

    As far as the game being similar to UO, I would hope so and am pretty happy that it is since I loved UO. I just hope we can zoom out farther though since the play screen seems very zoomed in for my tastes (I just want to see more around me). Then again, what do I know, I'll have to actually try it during the Jan 9th beta and find out truly how the game feels and plays.

  • I'm really hoping this game is true to the feel of UO Pre:T2A. I have tried quite a few others and have been let down greatly. It was a half naked Russian that spoke broken English on YouTube that sold me on this game. (GameGlaz) But from all the footage I have seen I'm very hyped but I have yet to play it for myself. I did get lucky enough to get a BETA key for the 9th so fingers crossed.

    If you want to see the video of the half naked Russian that hyped this game for me this is the video I'm speaking of

  • @Dkuang YES. I Really HOPE they do something about letting there be an option to zoom in and and out of the surroundings. The game camera being so close up to the player thing is irking me to (and the annoying realms system as well). But other than those two things, I think it will be a great UO experience when mounts and the new features finally come in.

  • @WTFzombie What are the >other< games that you tried but let you down greatly in this matter?

  • @Elyas_III Shroud of the Avatar, Albion Online and Shards Online to name a few as of late.


    +1 for Shards Online. SotA is really NOTHING like UO. Albion Online same, it's just a grind feast and there is no "magical Feeling" that UO created. LR so far is very promising and i'm looking Forward for the steam EA release.


    wtfzombie just said shard online let him down and you say its good. I think I'm going to trust WTFzombie considering you are a carebear


    Do whatever you want, and instead of flaming go and try the games by yourself. Idk why here you and some others are such haters about People liking PvE. You know what was so Special about UO? that you had the possibility to choose whatever you wanted to do. Without any restriction. Live a safe life being a beggar or a fisherman, or go for risk vs reward in Felucca at champ spawns. And if you disagree, fine, but stop acting like there MUST be only one PvP Server and everybody must go playing hardcore and any other playstyle is out.

  • @WTFzombie What's so bad about shards online?



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