No Beta key

  • I get only 3 mail:
    Linkrealms Summer Beta Is Coming!
    Linkrealms - Last call for Phoenix!
    Martin, Linkrealms is reborn!

    have 2000 mail in trash and only 100 in Spam folders
    But no Beta key mail

    But my real question is I buy $100 and buy backpacks and stuff Do I still have that when I manage to get into the game with or without the beta keys?

  • If you've tested the in game the past, you should be able to use that account, although you might need to reset your password, AFAIK..

    Take care!

  • Hi MOBii,

    as an old player, you don't need a beta key to log into the game, have a look here:

    However, you might have to reset your password since we upgraded our security system, which you can do here:

    As far as your old premium purchases go, this is a new server with a new world and a fresh start. The old server will either eventually come back as first PvE server (using the new world and mechanics) or all the credits and stakes you bought (including the ones you used!) will be given back to you in the first PvE server we release.

  • <3 I get the money back
    I read:

  • If we decide to wipe the old server you won't literally get your money back, but you get back all the credits and stakes you bought with your money :)

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