WTT Slayer Swords Mauls and Staffs on PVE

  • I'm looking for crossbow slayers (esp fey, spider, & minotaur) or other gear suited for an archer.

    Fey slayer Bruiser hammer with 19% damage increase, stamina regen, & cast speed increase
    Humanoid slayer spiked club with sorcery interrupt
    Astral slayer bone club with ice burst, stamina cost reduction, & accuracy
    Vampire slayer spiked maul with area dmg
    Darkling slayer morning star with stam increase, stam cost reduction, & hit mana restore

    Spider slayer longsword with stamina regen and shock resistance
    Forest slayer broadsword with 16% dmg increase & stamina cost reduction
    Undead slayer Xiphos with fire burst chance and 12% damage increase
    Spirit slayer Katana with magic weapon, accuracy & dodge

    Humanoid slayer staff of the skull with 10% reflect magic and 5% dodge

    Demon slayer crossbow with mana restore, 40% ice burst, and accuracy

  • Should add that my char name is Fifel

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