bugs, exploits... can we make this an alpha?

  • Loving the game so far and realize how much I miss playing with macros/skills. Below are my thoughts, are there rules on posting exploits ? Usually it is encouraged in betas/tests. Thanks!

    a. password says it can only include approved special chars including $...etc. However passwords that end (may be in additional spots) with a special char
    that are 8+ chars long fail when registering.

    b. login to the forums asked me to create a forum name which didnt work an hour later or by email. I can login to my game with my real account name.

    c. character names: state name must be between 3-16 letters long: then make it a silent error in final version and dont allow it
    oRoechimaru Gwydion
    -this failed

    d. login... allow tab to take you to the password screen

    e. holding down a key sends the command in game (icon flickers) 10+ times a second. to prevent keystroke overload issues and worse type bugs...
    limit the keystroke rate. (make a macro on f1, hold the key down). max observed speed was 1ms (1000 strokes a second!!) . That could be similar to a ddos attack on steroids.
    -using macro for bug testing... send bytes were 0-100b/s and about 300b/s receiving from linkrealms. After running a test 150b/s outbound (send) and 1000b/s incoming from linkrealms.
    --this could cause an overload (network and transactional) if multiple users perform the motion at once / similar to ddos.

    . final suggestions: hide or bring into game error messages
    -remove aging dx8 standard, makes the game feel old/out of date
    -try to program dx12? at least 11. there are huge performance gains to be made
    -have stories, lore, books, items etc submitted by hq community contributers. lore and simple details (books on shelves... micro items with details within the micro
    filling up a macro world... stories/letters should fill pages. )
    -patching "updating files abcd" are super handy... in final version hide these into the game logs and supress from the user interface / coding popups

    rebrand the game as alpha

    love it so far, feels like an alpha.

  • please note I'm in the newb area ... with the ghosts you can use as training dummies:)

  • 31 concentration, 30 spiritualism, 26 mauling, battle tactics 21.5 in an hour or so. that normal rate?

  • Wth? Are you some kind of gaming inspector or something?... As you said: you are in the newb area. You will see the difference between mobs and skill gain later.


    This game is really buggy, but the devs do fix them. It just takes a while. This game is a part time job/after school project.

  • Dont take this as "judgemental" I have beta tested over 20 games, alpha tested a handful and have written at least 1000 bug reports in games.

    Anywho it is also possible to max 30-50 points in several skills while macroing in the training area.

    I explored a bit, its neat, reminds me of UO but it also reminds me of the alpha tests I did. This game would do great with a bigger team/more funding and that may take being an "alpha".

  • @jer.roe said:


    Not trying to be negative here. This is a "Beta test" and I paid a founder fee to "test" since I enjoy testing. The game has a great foundation and was recently steam greenlighted. Some games in similar situations did a kickstarter to get extra funding or increased development time by using community assets. (3d models/writing)

  • You can train up to 40 points in safe area

  • cool. The "bug" part would be that you can cast at under 500ms which is "too fast". You can macro three skills at 1-10ms each which causes alot of chatter between the client and server. A concern may be crashing the server/instance/ or causing a ddos type attack if exploited by a guild. (from 1-10b/s to 1-2 kb/s is a large change). Also the amount of responses from the server goes up a ton due to the "Speed" of the commands going between the client and server.

  • suggestion: make spawns more random and "Delayed" timers for respawn instead of closer to instant on death. Outside of the training area you can setup macros in some areas to take advantage of monsters that spawn on top of their original spawn points (Giant snails).

  • just realized there is a suggestion forum, originally I wrote my notes to be separate.

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