Bugged Quest reward

  • Hey my name is relentless im in pve server Its spelled in game Relentless I had saved up 20 corrupted fragments and went to turn them in and i recieved nothing in return the npc took my 20 corrupted fragments but gave me no reward no coins nos croll or nothing please if someone casn resolve this issue id be highly greatful i was from my knowledge suppose to recieve a scroll of some sort to get an artifact at random and no i have not recieved anything for my hard earned fragments

  • Hello man. This is odd and haven't occurred before. You sure the scroll is not hidden under any other stuff in your inventory? The scroll is randomly thrown in your inventory so it might be under some item in there.

    Also try relogging. Might be just a graphic glitch. If not ask immediate support from @Prometheus and @Developers.

    Also when mentioning a bug use the @Prometheus link so he can immediately see and respond to your posts.

  • no its not under my items its just not there. i recieved nothing... and im new tyot his forum shit i dont know how to do any of thast all i know is that iv done everythin gi can think of i need a dev

  • Hi @cwizzalsmith - let's continue the discussion via PM and figure out what happened!

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