Say I have these Gnomen Scrolls


    You know, the ones acquired from Scroll Fragments. Nothing can be so simple as to trade them in for the artifact the claim to possess. What will we have to do to make these scrolls become an artifact? Just trade them in, or go on another quest for recipes that the Gnome needs to complete the scroll after another round-about?

  • I guess we ll have to w8 a bit before we know. I thought that those items would be just traded for artifacts after event, but I ve read somewhere ( might be at the text from the Gnomes quest) that we ll have to craft those items. So might be recipes that need as to collect specific mats.

    Excuse me if I m wrong, but this isn't really clarified anywhere until now. We ll see at next patch I believe. Also devs promised something HUGE for January update.

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