• Get banned.
    Admitting! ban for reason!
    Any chance i can get unbanned!?
    I wrote an mail to and pm to @PROMETHEUS
    Get no response for few days!
    Any one else can help!?

  • What did you do?

  • Try to use cheat engine! just for fun! not successful :)))

  • what were you trying to do?? I didn't know it was possible o.ò and what can that program do?

  • Lets you look up and change variables. I use it to get my mom free stuff in Farmville.

  • oh :/ but variables shouldn't be changed so easily :/ bad cheat *push don't like button*

  • @Riga13 said in Baned:

    Try to use cheat engine! just for fun! not successful :)))

    U say for fun when u got banned,but if it wasnt detected u would be still using it.

  • @hikari89 @Gorstak there is no purpose in using it anyway. In Linkrealms, just like in any MMO, the server controls everything. You can mess with the memory of the client to identify and change a variable (like a pile of money in your backpack), but you'll just change it in the client, so the change does nothing (you can't spend the fake money, and as soon as you move it will go back to the correct value). Additionally, you might get caught by our own heuristic system (similar to the Valve Anti Cheat) and banned just for trying, which is what happened to OP and a dozen of other players already.

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