Jokrut the thief...

  • the jokrut thief has stolen me about 60k
    i was near hades to build 3 x caster bow
    i had a lot of reagents on me and
    he asked me for reagents and i tried to buy that bow.

    but after pressing buy botton 60k disappeared and i had nothing..
    first of all i thought that an x caster bow costs 18k...
    but he gave me anything , he only told me that i hadn't enough argents.
    he hasnt told me that he has failed anything.
    nothing "has failed "for 3 times..
    only the sentence " you havent enough money"
    without doing any job on my reagents that are still there.
    but i had 70 k on me before going there and only 8000 after visiting him.

    can i have my hard earned money back ?

  • this bug is very similar too that one in that guy that gives blue enhanced powder fo 3000 beads.. also there i used to lose emboidery beads for only 1 powder after giving 6000 emboidery beads...this time he gave me nothing.... only took 60k and more out of me without doing any job :|
    u have only to imagine the rage ! :(

  • The 2/3 chance to fail is way off too. A guy in my guild failed 8 times in a row!
    He's not playing anymore.

  • maybe i was not so clear...
    no attempt was made to build the xbow...
    i have done it alot of time and i understand when the the artifact is failed
    this time no attempt was made and 60 k disappeared...

  • instead of saying " i failed to do the x bow " he said directly " you havent enough argents to do that " and i had 70k or more before and after only 8666 argetns... with all the other reagents intact. :-\

  • I understood, just saying the fail chance seems a lot higher than advertised.

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