a lot of errors appearing after being pushed out of lizzogoth level 1 map

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    these are only a few of errors, there were other 30 windows like thse but i deleted them , cause too many....

  • Were you using roosters? Prometheus dismissed the other reports of this happening blaming it on roosters.

  • i had them in my bag pack uhm not using them i think.... uhm

  • This happens to me every time I try to save/upload a realm in realm editor.

    Has also happened to me more than 2-3 times while teleporting, or afk training.

    This started I believe after I used a specific software to let me have 2 clients open, one to play and one to afk train. Ofc I stopped using that after patch 10, to get ahead of the "ban him" posts.

    I m pretty sure that this was never caused by roosters, cause I haven't used a single one ever! Not carrying the birds with me in the inventory either. I not even sure if the software caused that, but I believe it has something to do with it.

  • i dont know i dont use softwares but i had my mage in the lizz map offline when the map collapsed...and my archer was teleported in my realm and then all those errors appeared

  • Hmmm. Idk. They seem to be very random when playing.

    Happens every single time when I use the editor though. I ll try to capture a video of it happening later today.

  • @Dreworok I've just sent you a private message on the forums, I can send you a modified version of the client to see if it fixes the issue.

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