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  • i am nearing max skills on my first invocation build. i assume the is a max/cap for some things and i cant seem to find them, mainly casting speed, spell damage bonus and hp/mana regen. also after training staff fighting i am not sure its useful, i do minimal melee damage with my staff, is there a reason other than the melee damage to train this skill, i see it suggested for most mage builds but think maybe those points would be better spent elsewhere?

    advice on armor would also be appreciated i have trained blacksmithing to 75 and tailoring to 90, i assume there is no armor that is going to allow my mage to "tank" well. i am basically dead if i stop moving, is this just the best way to play it, i have used the ethereal walls and such, but would like to not be soo squishy if thats at all possible.

    any help or advice on any of this would be great.

  • @ceedat Hello my friend!

    Nice to see you are taking this seriously. Lucky for you, @Siltoruz is the best staff invocker in the game, and he is open to share ;) For the caps I ll write below. For advice on gameplay I ll PM ;)

    So caps:
    Casting Speed 50%
    Spell DMG 20% (PvP) and 40% (PvE)
    All regenerations 100%
    All reductions 40%
    All resistances 70%
    Str/Stam/Wis/Int 125 and can be more from gear, or special potions dropped in Tartaros dungeon. Plz correct me if I am wrong but + from gear on stats does not cap.

    Now the big bonus you get from staffs that you can't get as a sword mage or a martial artist, is the enhanced spell modifiers. Those enhanced spells are a buffed version of the regural ones that can be rolled only on staffs.

    As for melee DMG, you don't use melee as a staff mage. If you do you r doing it wrong. BTW there is a way to hit 25-30s with your stick, but still not gonna use it.

    As for armour, anything not cloth has Armour Impairment which lowers your casting speed. Your armour lays in Alteration. ;)

    If you need more PM me. And don't sign up to an enemy guild to use the info against me ;)

    Edit: go for 100 Tailoring. Blacksmithing is gonna be fixed at future patch but ATM it is not viable at all. Not bad to max it though, to be ready for the future. Hope this helps.

  • i am on the pve server and in game name is the same, ceedat. any advice would be great appreciated :)

    the staffs with enhanced spell ability affects the spells, so still not sold on training the staff fighting skill as i could use the enhanced spell staves for casting as well with 1 or 100 levels?

  • Staff fighting is essential for a mage. Not for dealing damage, but for hit evasion. Without it, you take a hit 100% of the time from anything near you. Makes casting all but impossible when you're constantly being interrupted.

  • This can be acheived by either 100 staff, 100 severing or 100 Martial Arts. Nothing else is even close to being viable cause of what Roundwaters said.

    But staff is only 1 out of 3 options.
    Now if on PvE server it really doesn't matter what you choose.

    Edit: Now that i think of this, when/if @Developers hear me out and implement Enhanced Earthquake you will cry if you didnt choose staff fighting! @ceedat

  • yes pve server and i just didnt realize the weapon skills affecting you getting hit at all, makes much more sense to train it then

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