Hotkeys are enabled during textbox input. (moving stacks of items, naming pets, etc.)

  • If I type inside textboxes, my hotkeys still fire.

    For instance, if I want to move 100 of an item and type in "100," it will fire the hotkeys I have assigned to 1 and 0. Or if I try to rename my pet or create a new pinpoint on my map, it will fire all the letters I type. Makes it impossible to move stacks or mark my map.

  • not documented propery but use your shift or alt key while moving a stack, let you move all the stack without asking for the amount

  • The problem is not for moving stuff. Thats the example. The problem is that when someone hits enter to type, hotkeys still trigger the spells etc. Hitting enter and entering the text should sieze hotkeys for oparating.

    This is a know issue. I ve heard it before. It will be fixed i beleive

  • @Siltoruz said in [Hotkeys are enabled during textbox input. (moving stacks of
    It will be fixed i believe

    Riiiiiiight... And we'll be able to see crossbows soon too.

  • It's really annoying when trying to rename maps or create and name points on the map, as I end up closing the map, opening my chat log, casting a spell, or eating something all at once while I type. This is like a major bug... I'm surprised to hear that this bug is very old and hasn't been fixed.

  • Welcome to LinkRealms!


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