Why can we not sell items for real Money?


    @Prometheus Why are we not able to sell Items/Accts for actual money?

  • Ugh, I can just picture the flood of bots hoping to sell stuff for cash.

  • Well to sell items they need to gather em first.. Gold sellers trying to farm LR would be siick!! It is gona be a slaughter in PvP server! Let em coooooomeee! hahaha

    Now lets get serious. @PingPongLR I d definatelly sell all those artifacts i dont use for some cash! Then i would stay here 24/7. As long as buyers exist i d work here :P Though this is heavily pay2win.

    I dont know if you have played diablo 3 but this is excactly what killed the game in the first year. They had to fix that for the game to pick back up. Here the game also uses random generated items, and some of them would cost more than artifacts. Then is the point where you realise that to be on top you got to spend lots of cash.


    coff coff pm me for offers coff coff
    coff coff selling everything even account coff coff

  • subtle <:
    I'm also curious why selling items/accounts for US$ isn't allowed. So curious that if anybody would like to discuss it with me here's a discord link: https://discord.gg/r78Ze
    (don't ban me, I'm probably joking)

  • Well given the fact that it took me around 3h per day on average for 2 months to get to where i am, thats 180h that i could be working instead of playing. Now this would need a great sum of $ to sell an account and still be profitable. I dont know why would anyone do that.

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