Grab stacks by default

  • Instead of having to hold CTRL to grab a stack, could you make grabbing of stacks the default action? It would be much more useful.

  • ---- Yeah this is something I don't understand. Why is the default mode the prompt? It's unintuitive and clunky. Everyone uses the ctrl key to grab-all. For newbies, it annoys them as they don't know how to use it and have to click the item and OK every time.
    ---- Also, if you try to drag and drop an item too fast, it won't drop the item, but keeps it held instead. It makes item looting feel very clunky. On a side note, some usable items seem to have a delay between their uses like the mortar & pestle and alembic, which makes their use feel unresponsive. This isn't the case for some items like the juicer or loom. They feel great to use.
    ---- Also, there's an existing but extremely old bug where prompts don't disable hotkeys. So if you type to grab a # of items, or rename a map or pet, or create a mappoint, etc., it'll fire all the hotkeys you type and makes it a nuisance. I'm surprised nobody tested it before it was implemented and that it hasn't been fixed yet, although I understand you guys have a small team and there's a lot of balancing and stuff to implement.
    ---- On a side note, the position of containers and windows reset on every login. It would be nice if their position was stored in some personal file and stayed there between logins.
    ---- Oh and one last thing, it would be good if we could reorganize the order of binds in our hotkeys list. Like if we could drag the order of listed binds around.

    ---- Hopefully with the new hotkeys bar it'll be more intuitive for newbies. It's very difficult to play well if you don't have the Last Target keybind set up, because you either have to drag out their target window or click their model. Oh yeah, this brings another thing. Spiritualism summons should also have their target window popup if you have "automatically show pet windows" on, so you can see how much health they have remaining. The window should also indicate how much time they have remaining. And it would be great if you could use healing spells on them.

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