My opinion and ideas !! :)

  • Hi all !! First , i play this game maybe 2 weeks, its interesting and different from most games , but very similar to one which i thing was the best one ... First i will write for positive things : Crafting , house building ,dungeons, skill gain , no exp and leveling ,free to build your style in game , that is cool ..Exactly what Old scool players looking for... Also we waiting weaponsmithing , jewelry crafting .. Negative : pvp,pve server WTV ? !! :/ This is a joke :/ @ Making new character to play in pvp server Really REALLY disappoint me , make no sense ... Transferring 20 pieces of scrolls or shards (whateva) its kinda stupid , especially Bs in Tartaros.No mini map, no insurance item,missing tons of key features,this big health bar covering large area of the screen target system is weak no change random target ,poisoning all type of weapons WTv Again.... Champion spawns worth only for farming hides which is good idea .. Wont talk about boss drops ... no harmony between pvp-pve , must be one single server combined .. Wen a new player realized that he need to create totally new character to start pvp from scratch... Kinda disappointing...
    My ideas :
    1: Combine pvp and pve Server (I`m 100% convinced this will bring more new players)
    2: Peaceful area pve , were pvp is not allowed .
    3: Dungeon with bosses rooms , which drop all this shard and scrolls obtainable artys with chance 1% for example, of course in peaceful area were only guild wars allowed if this feature exist .... .This will encorage players .
    3: all champions areas to be pvp zone .
    4:pvp town were pvp is allowed inside .
    5:pvp town in guard area with pvp zones ...
    6:Multiply instances for example gnomes , that allows different group of players to run it in the seem time pve zone ..
    7:insurance system , this make sense pvp ..
    8: Buying stuff from vendors directly from my bank account if i lack money in my backpack ..
    9:Poisoning should work with specific weapons and specials only including sorcery . For that far i know poisoning not working correctly chance for inflict is very low , random from 0-25 on 100 skill which again make it no useful for now ..
    10: Fire walls should harm monster ,players (in pvp areas if they not in party ,guild,criminal or pk)
    11: Sorcery summons should be able to chose random monster target (or player in pvp zone)
    12: Skeleton Spirit inflict fire dmg to the owner WTv :/
    13: Area dmg on weapons not working (example 8 tiles radius of the current enemy "in this case monster" which allow archer or melee to be more effective on spawn areas )
    14: Mage weapons only swords WTv again ..
    15: Durability ... I know that depends on our crafting skills this is very good idea i like it , but the part with the: " i will call it" repair durability powder ..............

    Well that is for now , i Really Hope Developers will take a look on this and i hope they will keep work in the right direction , wish you luck and progressive population .

  • this is pvp server , this is sparta !! splitting the population in another server would kill the interaction once more

  • I know i am new, as i am currently downloading the game, but i have to say combining pvp and pve worlds won't bring new players. i think it will do the opposite, as players that want pvp will be upset at the "soft" pvp aspect and protected zones, and players that want a pve experience will be upset they can't go everywhere safely anymore, i believe having the servers join is generally a bad idea when it comes to gaining new players

  • @Dreworok Wont kill it till player stay away from pvp areas . Or pve and pvp areas with champs can have diferent % for artys .. Its simple ..

  • i think this pvp server is enough easy already. It is a light version of pvp already.
    We should need a hard core version of phoenix
    without rare bless scroll and with no safe areas and with real full loot.
    Even in the city we should be able to attack each other.
    Maybe it would be fine to have only some few killable npc guards to attack pk near the bank with no istant kill of course but anooying quite like griphons with their fireballs.

  • @Dreworok
    +1, LR was advertised to me as hardcore full loot, open PVP. LR was soft core, very partial loot, opt-in PVP game.

    I don't think full loot is really a good fit for linkrealms, but in general a much higher death penalty is very desirable for me, in addition to dungeon layouts/nodes being made more/less easily gankable. As a red player, I'd be happy to lose 50% of my skills per death.

    Even though it started out pretty carebary, changes that've been made in the last year or so to reduce the hardcore aspects

    • Legal area/safe zones for players total skill <500
    • Cleansing shaman moved from Hades, to a single transition from Ravenfeast
    • Cleansing's zone changed from PVP enabled, to a safe zone, with no need to cross any PVP enabled area with your loot
    • Tart made essentially impossible to gank due to layout
    • Pstone hand in made essentially possible to gank solo/duo due to layout
    • Spiritualism(staple PVP skill) made 100% macroable, instead of requiring mass soul
    • Lockpicking made insanely easy to level, making jewls much easier to obtain.. Well, sort of. Chance of actually getting something good is basically zero, but spider dungeon is basically impossible to gank anyway. As soon as people figure out how to farm it safely I'm removing it from my ganking route.
    • Movement speed increased by just under 20%. I'm absolutely not overreacting when I say this DRASTICALLY reduces the already small chance of killing somebody in an open area
    • Resistance gear, both for elemental and physical made exceptionally easy to obtain. A character only needs 3 sets of garbage gear, farmable within an hour, plus endurance/primary weapon skill to survive any 1v1 gank. Including in enclosed spaces. Might still have trouble with invocation.
    • Lizzgoth maps no longer be ganked by porting in with your own map
    • Assassin system introduced to discourage people from PKing
    • White players given the ability to attack red players in the safe zone, with the red players abilities in many cases not even working versus their enemies, in addition to multiple red players not being allowed to attack the attacking white player, or PLAYERS. In addition, the white players can just drop combat and become unattackable at almost any time.
    • Dungeons that are hardest to gank made to be the most efficient in terms of farming gear. Gnomes/Tart/Spider is essentially all one would ever need to run, unless you're a mauler.
    • Reworking of abilities that punish poor gear, such as weak link
    • Removal of corrupted spawns from Tart, it being the only PVP hotspot at the time
    • People figuring out the aggro range. This isn't exactly a change in the actual game, just something players have become aware of. I assumed it was unintended. @prometheus is yet to confirm if this is, or is not going to be fixed, after essentially crying to him about it every single day. Literally impossible to gank anybody nearby realms with dense player housing. Literally. Impossible. The degree to which one needs to fuck up to die in the "PVP zone" is staggering, even when the victim is poorly geared.

    Linkrealms was never really a hardcore PVP game, it only really feels bad to die because it hurts your ego. I've never lost more than 30minutes worth of work due to a death, and I'd be happy to claim every single death that wasn't due to a DC/kneral error/bug was 100% avoidable and my own fault, including 6v1 ganks etc. A PVP focused character should never die, even 3v1, unless they're actively fighting back, or cornered.

    I've always felt the point of a PVE server was to allowed the PVP server to, 'ya'know, be for PVP focused players. The ruleset for Linkream's PVP zones are legitimiately less hardcore than Runescape's ruleset for the wilderness in its PVE worlds. If there were one dungeon that dropped universals, and 2-3 misc craft/whatever activities to do in the safe zone it wouldn't be misrepresentation to call Phoenix opt-in PVP, rather than just PVP.

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