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  • Hello, just wanted to introduce myself, i am Garzzira, i have played many sandbox games such as ultima, albion online and EVE. I fell out of video games and mmorpgs in the last few years as i picked up a hobby that takes up nearly all my spare time (warhammer)

    however, i will be going to nursing school starting this summer and continuing for about 2-3 years(longer if i decide on advanced practice) and painting models for 12 hours is no longer an option. I have three kids and a wife, i work a full time job, and as said will be attending school.

    but i have heard some negative reviews of this game saying it is for hardcore non whiny gamers, and that has me excited. i hate games where my hand is held during the whole thing, i want to be able to fail.

    I do have a mic if voice chat is a big deal. i look forward to meeting you all in game

  • u are welcome garrzira ;)

  • welcome :)

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