• i am sure it has been mentioned before but as a fairly new player crafting is one of the things i always enjoy in a game.

    ours is broken :(

    after having taken time to skill up to 93 i am just now realizing that the biggest benefit to the cloth crafting is to add an elemental resistance to a piece of gear found thru a random drop. that is simply disappointing to say the least. even after having this high of a skill to have it all left up to the rng gods is just "silly"?

    blacksmithing even worse to me, not only are the mods limited on this gear but there is no way to enhance them at all, i spent time to make a full set up heavy metal gear and used the best mats i could find to up the resist and i am just left with a meh kinda piece of gear after a tremendous amount of work to acquire it.

    someone please tell me there are plans to rework these skills or better them in some way.

    thanks for hearing the small rants of the new guy :)

  • Don't forget about gear breaking when you try to change the color. That's harsh.

    All the players are in agreement, the crafting systems are horrible.

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