Green mage viability?

  • Please help me understand in which situation green mage is useful:

    my build :
    100 sorcery
    100 conjuration
    60 poisoning
    ~80 staff figting ( in progress)
    100 meditation
    80 alteration ( in progress)
    other points splitted agains (spell def, consitution, endurance)

    Envenom/Poison pleague seems to be quite week and even fire bolts seems to do more damage.
    Green ooze + poison spells does not seem to be very effective as well.
    Not to mention that I'm totally useless against spiders. I've tried to clean easy spider dungeon and totally failed ;(

    I'm currently interested in dungeons/PvE. I'd be happy to farm pstones for artifacts ( since I dont have maxed my skills and got minimal gear)

    I'd really appreciate any advices regarding playstile of green mage, spells you are using.
    Maybe some dungeon, place I'm useful ? May be I should level spiritualism for tanking creatures?


  • PS:
    Fire/Earth fiends completely uselss? How are you using them?
    Ring of Fire/ Fire Field completely uselss? How are you using them?

  • @metkoutan
    Recommended build:
    Sorcery 90
    Conjuration 100
    Alteration 100
    Staff fighting 100
    Endurance 100
    Poisoning 40-45
    With your remaining ~170 points split between meditation and constitution

    If you take the route of lower mana regen with high const, which is better in larger fights, be sure to keep some non-alcoholic heals to switch out when you get drunk.

    Green mage is absolutely not a PVE build. The only thing green mage is good at is stone golems, and stone golem drops are very poor. Luckily, green mage is viable in gnome dungeon, even if lower than an invocation mage, or spirit mage.

    In PVP green mages are one of the hardest classes to counter gear, doing shock/fire/ice/pierce/severing damage, making them do very good damage, AND having strong supportive debuffs. Though they're mobile with blink, they've no mobile damage, and very little reliable crowd control. Due to the inherent squishiness of a mage, in 1v1 they're countered by severers, martial arists, invocation mages, and maulers if they have mage crusher.

    In group PVP they're strong, butneed to be supported by other classes to make up for their defensive weaknesses, and the ease at which a good player will mitigate their damage. If you're a solo player, and only ever intend to 1v1 conjuration is a good choice, butmages are one of the few classes that should die in certain situations, unlike our melee/archer/fister counterparts. Essentially they're good at killing bad players 1v1, and require high coordination in team fights.

    If you want your build to revolve more around PVE, I'd recommend either going invocation mage, or wizard mage.

    Cookie cutter invocation:
    Sorcery 100
    Invocation 100
    Alteration 100
    Meditation 100
    Constitution 100
    Endurance 100
    Staff fighting 100

    If you're on the PVE server you could consider spirit mage, which is essentially the same, except you drop endurance for 100 spiritualism, and use sacrifice on wizard spirit for 400% mana regeneration(cancelled when damage is taken).

    An alternate way to build wizard spirit is to, in addition to dropping endurance for spirit, dropping some meditation/constitution for concentration. This only works with very good gear, however, and functions on the basis that converting psi into mana with mage spirit sacrifice is more efficient mana regeneration than directly regenerating mana with meditation.

    If you've any followup questions feel free

  • I'm using an ivocation build for PvE. I've been weary of the other magic schools, since it seems you need to invest 100 points for a slight boost to the 1 or 2 spells you'll actually use.

    100 Sorcery
    100 Invocation
    70 Spiritualism (enough for griffons, I have high mana regen)
    100 Meditation
    100 Constitution
    100 Concentration
    70 Spell defiance
    60 Staff fighting

    It was tough going until I got a full compliment of slayer staffs. The spider dungeon was impossible without a spider slayer staff. (but I didn't know stone skin prevented spell interruption, and wasn't using earthquake)

    Fire fiend is absolutely useless with the low duration and erratic damage.

    Ring of fire and fire field are OK, if you have a tank in your party, but I never use them. Any situation where you could use them, meteor storm is better.

  • interesting

  • @Arislan which build are you using? ;p

  • Sorcery 100
    Conjuration 100
    Alteration 100
    Meditation 100
    Constitution 100
    Poison 100
    Staff fighting 100

    Not completed

  • @Holya
    Thanks for explanations!

    What's the point in 400% mana regeneration which is canceled on damage? Can't I just active meditate?
    I was also thinking about using spiritualism for tanking. Is it worth?

  • Yes, spiritualism works for tanking. Situationally. I use it mostly for griffons to do extra damage on tough mobs. THey each hit for 20 every turn.

  • @metkoutan
    Wizard spirit active effect: spam casts a restore spell on you, that regenerates 2>4>6>8>etc mana/stam/hp/psi
    Wizard sacrifice effect: increase regeneration of all resources by 400% for a dhort while, or until the caster takes damage
    Mage spirit sacrifice effect: restore 20 mana

    There are 3 ways to use a spirit mage, each being situationally better, or requiring different amounts of gear to be effective.

    1. Wizard sacrificing

    This should be primarily used by poorly/intermediately geared players. The goal is to spam sells with a high mana cost quickly, until the caster is out of resources, then retreat into a corner somewhere to use wizard spirit, then active meditation, quickly getting full mana, and repeating.

    1. Actively using wizard spirit before, or without sacrificing

    This is primarily for single target, especially against enemies that don't have AoE. Mage spirit is fragile, so he can't be used to full effect in some fights, for example Tartaros, or Gnome King(if you're not microing well). This becomes especially effective when the user has extra +40% summon duration from gloves of summoner's swiftness, and necromancer's cape due to the scaling of the spell mr. wizard casts.

    Note that you can have a wizard spirit alive while still benefitting from its sacrifice effect, and while casting mage spirit sacrifice simultaneously, which would result in the highest possible mana regeneration in the game.

    1. Mage spirit sacrificing

    This is only really going to be effective on characters geared specifically to make it work, by which I mean capped, or nearly mana cost reduction, psi cost reduction, and preferably a high amount of psi regeneration%. This strategy would have the user drop all, or most of the meditation, leaving them with essentially no passive mana regeneration.

    To make up for this, they would have exceptional active mana regeneration from leaving a wizard spirit alive to regenerate psi/mana, and would simultaneously spam sacrifice on mage spirits that cost 12 psi, restoring 20 each. There are some situations in which this build is worse, and you understand when that is by the time you're geared enough to use it.

    That said, you can probably farm every artifact you'll ever need from dungeons in a week or two, so being exceptionally optimal in your build isn't really a necessity anymore.

    Using spirits for tanking typically won't be viable, or useful. You cannot simultaneously have wizard spirit alive, along with mino spirit, or vampire spirit. Vamp/mino being the only spirits that could potentially survive for any noteworthy amount of time. The loss of mana regeneration, and it simply just being pissy to get monsters to attack the right target makes it not worth. It is, however, worth it to just have summons up for the negligable damage they provide IF your build has high concentration, especially in single target encounters.

    Also, I don't recognize your name, so I feel the need to stress this just so you don't waste your time: If you're playing on the PVP server DO NOT USE THIS BUILD, unless it's a secondary character and you know what you're doing to some degree. This character type is exceptionally easy to gank, and you will die on it if you're ever engaged upon by a gorup. 100%. Spirit mage is absolutely the most effective build on the PVE server, however.

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