Chest in free world

  • Where i can find 90 and 100 lvl chest in free world.
    Mark on map will be great!
    Thanks you!

  • 90 and 100 level chest in the spider dungeon with the wolf spiders, only ones i know of for sure

  • i know about spider dungeon - i am interesting in free world!!!

  • There are none. Only other level 90 chest is level 4 lizgoth map.


    the real question is how did this kid who admitted to trying to use a cheat engine and got banned get unbanned?


  • In prom's defense, I don't think the threat of him 1337xhaxoring the server with cheat engine is pretty low ;p

  • @Clavicus
    i use cheat engine and get my self unbanned. And argents. And skills! You should try!
    Thanks you for following the topic!


    @Holya proms all about principle tho. Idk.. maybe I'm exaggerating... I guess the dozen + of other players who used similar programs were unbanned too? Good to know.

    The point isn't how stupid op is to use whatever shit program that he used. It's that he did it. Shlda been perma banned and the kid could have just made another account. Proms track record of discipline is pretty horrid tho...


  • @Clavicus lol wat?
    alt text
    Prom not perma banning me purely because people didn't complain. Definitely not principled, unless the principle is keeping the masses happy, regardless of the cost to individuals. note to people who dislike me: complain a lot.

    I can't find the original e-mail chain, but I was briefly banned/argents taken for the guild name "Pedophiles Anonymous", when several other guild names with references to the the SS/racist groups were left intact and unpunished/warned. X-Star was even allowed to follow GMs around throwing watermelons/fried chicken about finding any excuse to say nigger. Punishments based on language seem random at best.

    I was not allowed to have a swastika pattern atop in in game realm, or a tasteful picture of a nice gentleman reading My Struggle as my forum prfoile background, but this is fine as a display picture
    alt text

    I was banned for using intended game mechanics in unintended ways in spider dungeon that increased efficiency by maybe 5%, even though I had reported it. Other players didn't report the ~30sec dungeon chest respawns, and heavily abused them. They were not punished/warned.

    I know cough cough several people that made a significant number of Argents off of killing characters with inventories full of blessed starter gear, an obvious bug/oversight, yet I was not allowed to kill alternate characters that had common/uncommon blessed gear for Argents. A hefty investment I made prior to insurance, with risk. Bug abusers were not punished, or warned.

    I was told I'd be banned if I used an exploit that allowed players to enter hostile realms through walls, and denied a juicy, juicy kill on vaginaboy. However, everal realms, including realms commonly used by prominent guilds are set up exclusively to use this bug in an offensive manner in PVP. These realms are still up, irrespective of my having mentioned them, and to my knowledge the owners have not been punished, or warned.

    A large group of players recently started using undershirts with stats. These undershirts are obtained via bug, and I've evidence that certain players very actively tried to keep the the bug's existance, and how to recreate it away from the devs. I of course reported it, but the offenders are yet to be punished, or warned.

    To be clear, I have the utmost respect for Mythan Interactive, and its representatives. I believe I've been treated unfairly, or at least held to a different standard to others in our interactions, I do not believe this treatment is personal, however. I assume there's just some stupid criteria for being treated differently, and or they're just affected strongly by public pressure. That said, I've received treatment I consider too leniant, too, so w/e. I fully expect to be permabanned across all accounts for something trivial eventually, though.

    Fucking a billion times fairer than the GMs in Runescape, World of Warcraft, Hurtworld, Aberoth, Zezenia, etc. In concluion, I'ma go make the 20th iteration of an inane thread and be super rude to Prom.


    @Holya your ugly post mean that you are banned again or what?

  • @ReQim oh, naw. A main account of mine has never been suspended, excluding the guild name thing. I serious punishment has never really been levied against me, or any of the other people who abuse bugs/exploits/act like dicks.

    Just showing examples of what I consider unfair/unprincipled moderation. I could show a lot of examples of judgments that unfairly favor me, too.

    Exploit early, exploit often <:

  • are you guys even saw the topic!?

  • @Riga13 the only noteworthy chest in the overworld is one transition NW of bandit camp, in the bandit farm. It's level 80.

    Could try spawning some with cheat engine huehue

  • @Holya
    i know about this one! get some pretty nice stuff from it!
    now i need 90lvl :|

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