Release 10 - Minor Update (10.1)

  • Hi everyone,

    this is a minor patch aimed at fixing a few critical bugs with premium items and advancing the Six-Month Anniversary Event to its second step.

    We apologize for the inconveniences causes by the bugs to premium items and the long wait for a fix. As we've hinted a few times on the forums, we're preparing a very large update for all of you. It is scheduled to be announced in a few weeks and it will surely blow your mind! ;)

    Also, due to the focus on the large update just mentioned, the Six-Month Anniversary Event has been advanced in a more plain way, without an in-game event connected to it.

    Below is a detailed description of the patch.


    1 - Tidrick Manabonk now exchanges Gnomish Forging Scrolls (plus other requirements) for Six-Month Anniversary Artifacts.

    2 - Corrupted creatures no longer spawn in Legal areas, and the chance for a monster to be spawned as Corrupted otherwise is now 1/5 than before.

    3 - The PvP aggro range has been increased to 15 to 20 tiles to account for the new zoom level implemented in the last patch. What this means is that a player has to be 5 tiles farther from its aggressor to be able to teleport, hide, etc.


    1 - Characters slots purchased on the PvE server are now functional. To be more specific, it no longer matters on what server a character slot expansion item has been used - unlocked slots are now account-based rather than server-based, so they count on both servers.

    2 - The premium tools Map Staining Kit and Prismatic Crystal Tinter now work correctly.

    3 - Items inside a Bag Of Holding no longer get their weight counted again after changing a realm and moving / equipping other inventory items.

    4 - Fixed a bug that allowed players to enhance inner torso pieces to give them back some resistances. All existing inner torso pieces have been cleaned of mods and resistances again.

    5 - Jorkrut The Craftsbuck now correctly requires Mushroom Silk Threads (instead of Mushroom Silk Cloths, which can't be obtained) as ingredient to craft the Sulfur Hammer.

    Let us known what you think and enjoy Linkrealms!

  • So, is server offline?

  • @DarkMiraxus said in Release 10 - Minor Update (10.1):

    So, is server offline?

    Just came back online after the patch!


    @Prometheus how long are we going to have to do these turn ins?

  • @Prometheus Im able to play 2 different games? or Linkrealms windows will keep become back when i'm playing another game at same time?.

  • @Clavicus a few weeks time - even after the event is over for a while.

    @DarkMiraxus we haven't changed that so I'm afraid it will keep becoming black.


    @Prometheus we are going to need a while.. i mean im kinda concerned because of the jewels required are from mining and their drop chance is really low. not sure if other jewels work

  • @Prometheus i cant forget mittens, im missing something? or its a bug?

    alt text


    @DarkMiraxus are your diamonds flawless

    from looking at your picture it seems they arent

  • Yeah we did noticed already, thanks.

  • Not sure why, but there are 2 different stacks of flawless gems for both Topaz and Amethyst.

    Haven't been able to cash in any scrolls yet, it always tells me I'm missing ingredients when I'm not. Might be some of the gems are mislabeled.

  • @Prometheus This time i have the right Flawless and still cant forge it.

    alt text


    @Roundwaters there are two stacks because you can get flawless topaz and amethyst from the lizzogoth chests that spawn around the word

    @DarkMiraxus the rason you cant turn in is because you dont have the correct flawless you have the ones from the lizzogoth chest



    So do you need the ones from mining and prospecting? also that seems kind of dumb to have two different gem types.... should all be the same no matter where it comes from.

  • Yes, it should, since the name item is the one NPC is asking.


    Good, I Trash all flowless games "/ I have only two kind of flowless diam.


    @Denluen its dumb on multiple levels honestly. There definitely shouldn't be multiple gems with the same names I think @Roundwaters complained about it a while ago. There really shouldnt even be multiple types of gems they should all be the same.

    Yes it does takes gems from only mining and prospecting (confirmed w prom in game after patch). To my knowledge (i just raised prospecting not too long ago) gems never even dropped from prospecting. You could only get the gems required for Jokrut like red rubies and green emeralds and you could get a gold bar (and the other gems for the rock helm achievement I think). Lizzogoth hideout in chests drops gems but I cant confirm which type. I think its the same gems that come from the lizzogoth chest that spawn in the open world and moves around.

    It makes 0 sense to have people farm for gnomish forging scrolls from corrupted mobs only to then be forced to mine and or prospect (literally the most boring and tedious thing you can do in this game) to get your item.

    I have ~90 blacksmithing and max mining and prospecting. Plenty of ore to raise blacksmithing more. I have only obtained 3 flawless diamond, 2 flawless sapphire, 2 flawless topaz, 0 flawless ruby, 1 flawless amethyst, and 0 flawless emerald. 4 regular sapphire, 3 amethyst, 1 topaz, 4 ruby, 1 emerald, 0 diamond,.

    This is crazy @Prometheus you either need to change the gem requirements, actually make them obtainable from farming mobs, or increase the drop rate drastically.

    How do everyone else feel about this? I feel like Ive wasted my time... I will literally have to spend the next month ONLY MINING. Is that supposed to be fun?


    @Clavicus I have alot of Lizzoghot flowless topas and diamnot and not working with gnomish scroll.

    alt text put it in cash shop :v_tone1:

    @all lets start prospecting all :)

  • i agree 100% the grind for the fragments was plenty, the additional grind for the gemstones makes no sense at all. i have mining to 93 and have spent the last 2 hours just beating rock and have netted not one single gem. it is an utter nonsensical requirement. i for one will not be spending my free time in a game doing something as boring as mining in hopes to get the proper gem!

    ridiculous and absurd

  • The chests on the lizgoth levels are still dropping the old gem, Red Rubies, Green Emeralds, and Diamonds too. Those are also found prospecting.

    This gem system is a MESS!

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