Release 10 - Minor Update (10.1)


    @Roundwaters they are all semi precious to my knowledge except amethy and topaz which are flawless but still cant be used im so depressed.

  • @ceedat I do Agree, 2 hours minning and 0 gems... Its supposed to be an event to get artifacts, not spending alot time getting artifacts as a normal artifact grind (phylosopher stones are easiest atm).

    Don't fk to Holya and Clavicus! is not fair to them, they did farmed probably 100+ gnomish Scrolls, then now they need to double or triple that farm time to get those 100+ Artifacts! Please don't fk them, they need the Items pl0x! =(

  • The worst part about this is that prospecting is the most logical place to get gems, yet it doesn't give the gems you need.


    @Prometheus @Clavicus said in Release 10 - Minor Update (10.1):

    It makes 0 sense to have people farm for gnomish forging scrolls from corrupted mobs only to then be forced to mine and or prospect (literally the most boring and tedious thing you can do in this game) to get your item.

    This sums it up for me. I'm more than annoyed. It should have been explained from the beginning what would be needed for a turn in. Now I've wasted countless hours getting scrolls that are worthless. Unless I want to spend more countless hours doing the most boring thing in the game to turn them in. This is a horrible approach to try and make prospecting and smithy worth having.

  • i think i will wait to farm these flwless things.
    last time i farmed chests in spider cave it was not a good idea
    because when i was at 80 level and had 100 with bracelets and necklaces , there was the brilliant idea to make the skill raise faster..... so i lost a lot of time to raise a skill that then was faster and open chests that then were richer in money and slayer weapon ...

    i will wait this time :\

  • @Prometheus said in Release 10 - Minor Update (10.1):

    2 - Corrupted creatures no longer spawn in Legal areas

    What is a Legal Area? Does that mean corrupted only spawn in PvP areas? Because we haven't seen a single corrupted on the PvE server yet.

    @Amnesiac said in Release 10 - Minor Update (10.1):
    This is a horrible approach to try and make prospecting and smithy worth having.

    It doesn't actually help prospecting, which has worse gem yields than mining, and gives the wrong kind of gems.


    Atleast pick axes do not break yet...


    @DarkMiraxus i farmed scrolls only for 2 weekends I dont have infinite playtime like you. I stopped farming when they (stupidly)nerfed tart. You posted (a legit picture? i dont know) of having 20 gnomish scrolls before anyone. The point isnt about me or holya this concerns everyone.

    EVERYONE should be livid at this update. We have spent our time farming gnomish scrolls only to be able to obtain them by PROSPECTING or MINING (i only say prospecting because thats what prom told me in game). As I mentioned to @Prometheus in game and mentioned on the forums ive spent a lot of time mining and barely have anything to show for it flawless and even regular gem wise.

    I asked immediately how long this event was going to go on for because I immediately realized how long it would take to get the gems to be able to convert my scrolls.

    This should concern you as well. I guarantee you couldn't have been able to turn in many items unless Prometheus was converting gems for you.

    @Dreworok I am taking your approach too. I will not farm these materials at their current rate with my limited play time. Unless drop chances are increased significantly, a better way of obtaining said gems are in place, or the actual material requirements are changed i wont farm.

    @Denluen +1. Sad but true. I wish you wouldnt have mentioned it.... Inc nerf to 2 pickaxe.

    Anyone who reads the forums but never posts... this is the time you need to post and voice your disappointment with this event update...


    @Clavicus I have to agree with you totally on all points. Prospecting is a dead art that no one wants to do if they want to tie it into mining I get that from a logical view to a point but if they want mining to be apart of it then it needs to be a free skill. They should have told us from the start this what they were doing regardless. If its on a time limit cool then they need to give us some kind of start with all these items to test out. Of course they should let us keep them sense this a beta test correct?. They have a promo code option wouldn't be to hard to do on there end


    No I'm not asking for a hand out just an simple easy fix that should have been done months ago


    @Aries yea they actually were supposed to have a test realm for princes which has never happened.

    Heres proms quote on 07/25/2016.

    @Prometheus said in New Versioning System:

    The content of a Release can be added to the Test Server before it's implemented on public servers so that Prince Founders can pre-test it. This allows us to weed out bugs and improve balancing.

  • @Clavicus 1. i dont have "infinite time" either xD Not my fault i'm so smart to learn money while playing games.

    1. Yeah i did stop at 20 Scrolls, and i farmed the half at Tartaros even with 2 players controlling the entrance to Tartaros with 4 accounts.

    2. Ofc i wont spend time farming with the current rate for gems, i prefer to not play this game xD



    yeah i still dont see my "Test Server"


    @Denluen yea 2 of the 3 prince items haven't happened (not including test server) no founders realm title or conference call. i was going to make a more specific post at some point but whenever I bring the issue up nobody cares.

  • @DarkMiraxus @Roundwaters @Clavicus @Denluen @ReQim @ceedat @Amnesiac @Dreworok @Aries we'll drop a hotfix tomorrow making it so that Lizzogoth Chests and Prospecting drop the same gems found with Mining and lowering the number of gems Tidrick needs to craft the artifacts.

    Also, I'll be in game as much as possible to convert the "pre-mining" gems all of you might have accumulated into the new ones (according to a "conversion table" I'll post tomorrow).


    @Prometheus wish i wouldnt have completed 2 turn ins :( A small victory none the less. I feel however that chest spawn time will need to be decreased (its currently a 2hr timer?) and or increase mining gem rates which seem abysmal.


    "we'll drop a hotfix tomorrow making it so that Lizzogoth Chests and Prospecting drop the same gems found with Mining and lowering the number of gems."

    Just to clear this part you can either mine for the gems or choose to prospect? Or do we have to do both? If it's both than mining needs to be a free skill. Either way it needs to be a free skill. In my personal opinion prospecting needs to be rid of for good and just take all the items from it and add it to mining drops its an easy kill two birds with one stone issue. I think a lot of people would agree to this personally

  • So it looks like the corrupted monsters are going to be a permanent part of the game. Found in dungeons only, so even if you don't get an artifact, you'll probably get 1 or 2 scroll fragments. That should give the dungeons sense progression, something long term to build towards.

  • @Prometheus This image shows how hard its to get 1 Flawless Diamond...

    i think i got one from minning level 1 to 94.4 when the mining update did come.

    alt text

  • @Prometheus

    I've never actually mined, but I've been pretty autistic about keeping VAN members keeping stats on certain things. I spent maybe 30 hours farming corrupteds, then whored out my wizard mage to anybody who wanted it. If the stats I have are correct, assuming I spend 16 hours a day for the next three weeks farming materials for these hand ins, I will not be able to turn in all of my scrolls.

    With this in mind, I'd suggest that instead of decreasing the material cost, the event is simply left in permanently, with a few areas have corrupted spawns disabled, as Tart is. I'd be against such a high material cost if there's a time limit on the event, as it seems unfair to people who for some reason were unable to participate in the event.

    A lot of the items from these event are either outright best in slot, or require random/tailored gear that one is INCREDIBLY unlikely to find. Not only do some of these items slightly increase stats by a few percent here and there, their stats make it easy to reach certain caps which otherwise would require specific gear. Gear that irrespective of being needed for the aforementioned stat caps, have bad stats otherwise. The increased stats on this gear is compounding.

    I assumed, like @Roundwaters did, that the 1/5th non-legal spawn rate means you're considering keeping the event, and if you are, I'd request the material cost remain very high. With the new drop rates in dungeons, slayer weapons and multiple spawns for Pstones it's very quick/easy to get all of the BiS artifacts. Once you have the artifacts, all that remains is Diablo-style random drops, which I'm personally not motivated by. I would very much like deterministic, long-term goals, like high material costing gnomish artifacts.

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