WTB Gems /offering Gold,PS,Gear for package deal

  • WTB some Gems of all kinds of em.
    Tell me if interested and we can work a deal. I pay in argents, PS and Scroll Frags. If you bring me all i want i m willing to pay with Scrolls/Artifact Gear.

    I need the following:

    • Diamond Flawless x4
    • Shaphire Flawless x1/Regular x8
    • Rubies Flawless x2/Regular x1
    • Topaz Flawless x1/Regular x2
    • Emerald Flawless x1

  • i have some flawless and regulars

  • Oooh then you are back, welcome back from your rage quit. XD

  • Yo @DarkMiraxus i told you. You will die next time. Now i m not ready for you. I ll see you in a while

  • @Siltoruz yeah you need like 1 year of pvp experience to beat me. good luck.

  • @Sinistru man what of those do you have so we can procceed the deal? I know you have outdated but i can buy those too. Just tell me if you have as many as i need consider the exchange rates.

    Also Bumping

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