Help about old gems trading

  • @Prometheus said in Release 10 - Minor Update (10.1):

    Given the different rarity of old gems, the conversion table is as follows:

    • 1 old ruby: 1 flawless ruby or 3 regular
    • 1 old emerald: 1 flawless emerald or 3 regular
    • 1 old diamond: 1 flawless diamond or 3 regular
    • 3 old topazes: 1 flawless topaz or 3 regular
    • 3 old amethysts: 1 flawless amethyst or 3 regular

    @Prometheus about old gems. I have some chipped and regular and unnamed ones.

    Let me list you:

    • Chipped Amethyst
    • Amethyst Gems
    • Chipped Ruby
    • Regular Ruby
    • Chipped Diamond
    • Semi Precious Rose Quartz Crystal
    • Semi Precious Opal Stone

    Are all those exchangeable for the new ones or only the outdated ones? (in my case 3 Amethyst Gems)

  • @Siltoruz LOL sell them all to npc please. dont bother GM for this. xD


    Both good fight today, was nice to see it.
    ~niezle pozamiatale~

  • Thnx man! Well i have never killed him yet. I knew beforehand that i ll have to run but i wanted that fight :\


    frozen hearth with dissarm and lethaltha, should be more dangerous : 100% extra dmg, and we dont know what doing 4th skill (saphire is hard drop) i didnt see in game that weapons, other gems is easy to drop

  • @Siltoruz only the ones that say "OUTDATED" can be exchanged. All the others are correct :slight_smile:

    @ReQim sapphires are not harder to drop - they're just new, so there aren't many around yet! As for the Frozen Heart, for now it only has 3 battle tactics (I've updated the wiki) since the combination of the 3 is already very powerful (disarm/stop heal/added damage that stacks with Damage Increase) :)


    @Prometheus Oh No, Glacial Embrace disappear, we didnt check it :)

  • @ReQim Yeah, why the fk? we were so excited farming for days sapphires to make it, now just has 3 skills?

  • @Prometheus Thank you very much for the reply. I was hoping chipped ones would be tradable for regulars. Stupid me. Now the good part of this event is that you finally got me raise lockpicking. It was a sad story, cause i had dropped it to 0 from default 40 before it became a working skill because it messed with my build. Never had the will to max it after that. I got it to 60 in one day for those gems. Arrggg :p

    @DarkMiraxus Frozen Heart is overpowered and you know it. 3 of the best tactics it has. Consider this on the edge of future nerf.

  • @Siltoruz LoL i never included Frozen heart to my main build xD i have planned holy avenger all the time.

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