• When player "EL SCORCHO" enter the realm where i am at.
    I get 2 errors. For me player was invisible.
    Lose a lot because of that!
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • alt text


    @Riga13 I was wearing magi martial mittens which were supposed to be fixed. I think thats what the hotfix was today

  • @Riga13 yes there was an error with the Magi Martial Mittens and the Rod Of The Plane Guardians. We've fixed that yesterday. Please make sure your client is updated - the name of the login window (where you put username and password) should be Linkrealms Client v1.0.3.164 :slight_smile: If it's not it might be because you're playing on Steam and Steam somehow didn't serve you the update - if so, just restart the Steam client and then the game will update.

  • Just a piece of advice in a joking/trolling manner:

    @Riga13 said in Error:

    When player "EL SCORCHO" enter the realm where i am at.

    Start running!!!!!! This fker is gooood! Lolz

  • @Siltoruz

    Start running!!!!!! - thats my battle tactic :)

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