Beginner's guide to dungeons.

  • The snails and cattle are a good place to start practicing your attack skills, especially the cattle if you plan on doing any tailoring.

    On a good day, you'll find some gear laying around the bank, and before long, you'll be able to tackle some of the game's weakest creatures, Goblins.

    The cave to the left of the cricket cave has a few bandits and insects. The cabin below that has some hunting quests for Marksmanship gear.

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    A mini dungeon for new players, containing a few weak goblins and immobile pitcher plants. Kill the pitcher plants to spawn the boss, a larger goblin. The boss goblin drops 400+ argents, and varied gear.

    Chests range from level 10 to level 20.

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    This dungeon designed to help new characters quickly raise their Strength. Here you will encounter bug swarms, bees, and goblins

    Aggro the bug swarms and lead them to the pitcher plants, who will eat the bug swarms. Continuous feeding will cause the vine fruit to bloom through it's various phases, eventually culminating in a ripe vine fruit. The ripening fruit attracts goblins who will destroy the fruit before it's done, so be sure to protect it.

    The vine fruit can be eaten only if you have less than 80 STR and will raise your STR by 4-8 points.

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    There is a bar between the cattle and the mine, to the back of which you'll find a set of stairs leading to the goblin dungeon. Through the cellar (a popular place to AFK melee skills) and past some goblins and pitcher plants, you'll encounter the Goblin Pollinator. After taking the Pollinator down to half life, he reveals the hidden passage which leads to the Goblin Matriarch.

    Past the Matriarch are barrels that drop semi-precious quartz crystals, which can be sold for argents at the banker. Barrels throughout the main level also drop wine and chardonay, which are great heals.

    The Pollinator drops random gear (got a Darkling Slayer staff while taking these screen shots!). The matriarch drops 800+ argents and drops random gear.

    Chests in this level vary between 10 and 30.

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  • The Cricket Cave

    The barrels in the entrance of the Cricket Cave drop food heals. Can be a useful location when in need.

    The Cricket Cave is populated by various insects, and has two treasure rooms with chests. In order to open the first room, you need to kill 100 bugs. This will unleash a wave of mushrooms. Kill enough mushrooms, and the second treasure room will open, along with the larger mushrooms spawning in the central location. Kill the large mushrooms to spawn the king.

    Mushroom drops can be sold to the NPCs in the entrance, or be turned in to those same NPCs for quests. These NPCs offer other quests such as killing X insects for a reward in argents.

    When 4 or more earwigs gather together, they will eventually elect a general. If one of these Generals is on screen when the Cricket King dies, the general will transform into the new king which drops a special bug net. The bug net can be used to capture and release most insects in the game.

    The cricket king drops 600+ argents, and low level staffs which only hold 100 of each essence. He also drops a couple of wands, the Firefly Wand and the Hexapede wand. The Hexapede want is useful later on for soloing the Black Woods dungeon, so hold onto those.

    Chest levels range from 10-30.

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    This dungeon is a good place to make argents if you have lock picking. It has lots of chests which respawn every 15 minutes. It's also the only place that drops Glowing Thead, which is sometimes used in tailoring contracts.

    No boss. There is a big spider on the main floor who is rather tough, but he won't usually give you much trouble if you don't mess with him.
    The green spiders on the second floor drop the glowing cloth, as do the glow worms.

    Chests range between level 10 and level 60.

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    alt text

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  • Very good guide, thank you @Roundwaters! I'm going to create a pinned official list of player guides soon and this will definitely be in it :slight_smile:

    (on a side note, I have corrected the sentence about eating the Vine Fruit with the correct values!)


    This is awesome now we should see a guide for the rest of the dungeons :P

  • @Prometheus Thanks for correcting that. I'll fix up my Joruk guide as soon as you guys fix up the menu on that.

    BTW, can I get a list of all the maximum modifiers? I'm making another guide with information new players should know, and I'm not really sure about some of them myself.

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  • Nope, and I wouldn't have wasted my time if I had know they were stopping development. I'm kind of pissed about that.


    Lol only kind of?


    @Roundwaters They scammed everyone. Lied to everyone. Then called lawful logistics when people wanted their money back


    @Satan we didn't pay for queer vanity items we paid for a developed game

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