01/10/16 Server Instability & Contract System

  • Hi everyone,

    a couple of lines to apologize for this morning's server instability and explain why Tailoring Contracts are not working yet.

    When we launched the Winter Beta yesterday, there was a silent error in our deploy procedure (=data being moved from the development environment to the "live game") which caused the Tailoring Contract System not to work.

    During the night, we figured out and fixed the issue. However, at this morning's restart, with Tailoring Contracts working again, the corrupted data some players got while trying to get contracts yesterday cause the server to crash a couple of times. The instability lasted for about 40 minutes, until we were forced to restore things as they were before the restart.

    We are actively investigating how to resolve the issue and will try to get the system working as soon as possible, but please be aware that it could take a couple of days, since we have to be 100% sure it won't cause server instability again.

    To make up for the downtime, we just gifted all of you who played the Winter Beta so far 5 Store Credits.

    Thank you all for your understanding and enjoy Linkrealms!

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