my math skills must suck

  • 15 - Each piece of Heavy Armor now correctly raises the maximum cap on physical resistances (Slash/Pierce/Crush) by 5%. Since no metal capes exist, players wearing a full Heavy Armor set can now reach a cap of 95% on their physical resistances.

    i am wearing...
    bullhorn helm (steel) 17% crush res
    plate gauntlets (steel) 17% crush res
    crystal aura armor 26% crush res
    militia full leg plates 17% crush res
    armor boots (steel) 17% crush res
    spider cape 6%crush res

    assuming the game is counting the crystal chest as heavy armor like it says, my cap should be 95% physical resist, i have the gear to provide that but my physical resist are only 85%.

    any help would be appreciated, what am i doing wrong?


    @ceedat if ur getting info from wiki it's outdated. Each heavy armor piece is now 3% for a total bonus of up to 15%. Now if you have say 100 slash and its capped at 85 and you get dubuffed by 15 you would still be at cap as anything over it still applies if u r debuffed. U can reference patch notes for 9.1.

  • ok thanks that sorts it, i was reading the patch notes that mentioned the 95% cap, didnt realize it had changed.

    thank you very much

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