Fatal Poison + newbie advice?

  • Hello.

    First of all, I am new to the game and sometimes I have questions that I would like to get answered rather sooner than later (I don't like to use online forums for that purpose), so I was wondering whether there's someone that is reasonably active in the game and who I could friend in the game and ask questions and such, if and when the need arises. :)

    Other than that, I have a specific question about Fatal Poison. According to Wiki (which seems quite poor, with sections completely missing or outdated), it is the last stage poison, but in also says that it is not implemented. What does that mean? Is poisoning unfinished and the last poison is not in game yet? If so, will it be finished and when? Or...?

  • @aoirira feel free to forum PM me with whatever. Responses mightn't always be quick, but I'm happy to go into detail.

    Fatal poison is currently only achievable via spells. It is, however, currently impossible to craft a fatal poison dose and apply it to weapons. To my knowledge, the developers have never specified if they intend to add fatal weapon poison, but it has been heavily implied on the wiki.

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