Linkrealms 2 (plz dont call it LR2 prom) HOW TO HAVE SUCCESSFUL PVE AND PVP.

  • NO separate pvp/pve servers. This can not happen. It's lame and stupid for a million reasons. What we SHOULD have is a good portion of the map, dedicated to FULL LOOT PVP. This will ensure success. No "safe zones". NO. There should be one singular large PVP ZONE. I recommend 1/5 of the map. Perhaps add one dungeon in the pvp zone. And I mean only 1, preferably the top tier dungeon (such as tart). Prom, if you actually read this, hear my words. This is the BEST option. Seriously. Consider doing this in your next game. Or better yet, just do it. Moral of the story?


  • A full pvp zone with no safe zones plz neither in Town pls...

  • Funny how everyone bitches and moans about the devs doing everything wrong and yet the pvp'rs are what ruin the community by doing and saying dumbass shit like you just said. Get off my post with nothing constructive to say, thanks. No offence.

  • This post is deleted!

  • With all dued respect i totally disagree with your topic....and by the way who are u?


    So id just like to point out the reason UO added Trammel for the "care bears" as people have said is because all of the pk's doing the stuff that is currently happening on the pvp server they had a big crash in players because they were being "Grieved" just like what has been happening on here you keep pking the way that has been shown happens on here it ruins your players base but God i wouldnt waste your breath to much because the person who did work on this game was a PVP player and only really cared about that server

  • i can't understand how one can like a server of only pve... it means like u play only with the computer without interacting with others...
    yeah u can help other to play vs computer but it is so much easy.
    Where is the challange and the adrenaline to meet another player that tries everything he can to kill u ?

  • @Dreworok said in Linkrealms 2 (plz dont call it LR2 prom) HOW TO HAVE SUCCESSFUL PVE AND PVP.:

    A full pvp zone with no safe zones plz neither in Town pls...

    madness :)

  • madness , but i previously played in a unofficial shard of uo in which u could attack everywhere also in the cyty .
    The only city for noobs was really limited and it was Cove with its walls to protect those noobs to learn the game.
    But then after that period everyone could be attacked and there were guards ( i think griphons could do an excellent role in this case) that attacked only player killers in that city.
    That game was really hardcore and the most beautiful i have ever played. All the other games cannot stand the challange.


    Look bottom line is full world pking communities (and pk zone communities) are always garbage. Everyone is a shithead. End of story. You idiots ruined your own game. Smart.


    And as far as the question about why someone would enjoy pve, those are the people that like single player games but also like to co op. Nothing wrong with that. I enjoy pvp a lot, but i'm not willing to step into the toxic cesspool that waits for me.

  • @Dreworok I prefer to feel adrenaline when playing football. But okay xD

  • @Satan said in Linkrealms 2 (plz dont call it LR2 prom) HOW TO HAVE SUCCESSFUL PVE AND PVP.:

    And as far as the question about why someone would enjoy pve, those are the people that like single player games but also like to co op. Nothing wrong with that. I enjoy pvp a lot, but i'm not willing to step into the toxic cesspool that waits for me.

    What u sad here can be applied to all things like why should i drive a car when i might get killd by drunk drivers easly,why should i exit outside when some lunatic could kill me,u see where ur wrong with what u sad?
    U assumed befoe u even tryed that soon as u would stepino pvp ppl would wait yust for u and start s*** talk to u,or hunt u down,cas if thats case nobody would play eny pvp ever.



    only reason he says that is because of the reviews on steam check them out they blast the pvp server


    @Gorstak Lol, I go outside because it's a necessity of life, I drive because of the same reason. However dealing with morons on the pvp server is not necessary in my eyes. I like games for the experience. Not to deal with drama and toxicity. At least not permanently. I like to play more than my toxic resistance allows me to. So i'd rather play with the adults on pve. Afterall, the game is enchanting and wonderful. Try to remember the original point of video games before everyone was a hotheaded idiot okay lol.


    @Satan Not sure why the pvp'rs on this server don't play a larger community game. Oh ya, because then they'd be above average instead of best! It's an ego thing, their motivation for this game is wrong and shitty.
    If this game had a large community, you guys would realize real quick just how average you are (assuming you don't know that already ;])

  • @Satan
    League of Legends: Diamond 3, top 0.17% <- NA server = 250+ ping
    World of Warcraft: 7+ Gladiator titles, including rank 1s, top 0.01+%
    World of Warcraft: Server first successful m+15
    Unturned: World rank #1 in KDA for vanilla servers(only tracked by opt-in addons, like 18 months ago, haven't checked if I still have ranking) <- not really a skill based achievement, but w/e
    Chess: @Dreworok wanna give a rough estimate? I've gotten to 2.5k+ elo on some of the less competitive sites
    Elysium: Project: lv60 in 6D18H, 2nd on Zeth'Kur
    Elysium: Project: First horde MC clear, best geared tank Zeth'Kur
    Chess: Kinda hard to rank this, 'cause different sites are competitive to different degrees. @Dreworok put out a rough ballpark elo for me, since I'm probably biased <:
    Runescape: Reigh of Terror officer, last 50 alive every season thus far
    Haven and Hearth: Warrior of LO during our world 7 victory
    Hearthstone: Multi-legend, including top 10 NA(during season, not at final :c)

    This is just off the top of my head, I'm sure there are more. To be honest, I feel like the most of the games I'm closer to perfection at don't really have ranking systems I can point to as proof. I'd happily state I'm top 0.1% Civ5, Europa, Hurtworld, DayZ, Miscreated, ToME, EVE, Arma.

    VAN houses the top 5 best players Linkrealms has to offer by any metric. Top 5 out of 100 is garbage, you are correct. However, every member of the core VAN group has substantial competitive achievements in a variety of games. It's rude to belittle people you don't know based on a lack of perceived ability.
    I've always had very little respect for people who use the word "toxic" to describe people they don't like. I enjoy a sandbox game in a way you do not, in a way the game si explicitly set up to enable. For this I am "toxic", irrespective of us having never met, and you knowing nothing about me.

    You have a very strong attitude of "I don't like this, so it's wrong." Most people grow out of the phase where anything think anything they dislike is bad around 8-10. You seem to sincerely believe anything that doesn't fit exactly what you want is nad,, instead of just intended for a different audience. You're a selfish, unpleasant person.

    You're literally joining a PVP game, telling the PVPers there that they're "the problem", and suggesting you're speaking for everybody. Fuck you.

  • Lol, you ruined the pvp server though.


    @Holya Here are the things I know about you, and the only things that matter to me:

    1. You destroyed and ruined the pvp server (look at steam reviews)
    2. I've witnessed you act like a complete asshole (logging into the pve server and saying "why is everyone in plate armor?" and proceeding to tell everyone why and how they're playing the game wrong), disregarding the fact that not everyone gives a shit about having the best stats, and prefer to play games in the traditional manner of "adventuring" or "roleplaying" or for pvp adventurers, "surviving" (it is an mmoRPG after all)
    3. Stated "dumpstering pve nerds would be fun" (even though you just listed a stupid amount of game stats, so probably shouldn't use the word nerd in an outwardly insulting manner ever again, though i'm aware I very well could have perceived your use of the word "nerd" wrong)

    My main point is take care of your game. Don't be the reason nobody likes it.

    Assuming you aren't lying about those stats, which i'm sure you aren't, I apologize for the assumption of a frail ego. Mega ignorant and foolish of me. Not to mention desperate for ammo.

    My personal conclusion? You're toxic.

    What toxic means to me:

    1. Someone who literally gets a boner from their online activity
      a. "I nominate Holya realms" (LR2 game name discussions)
      b. You camped out all the dungeons on multiple accounts (assuming so that you could control the entire game and be some kind of king). Look at steam reviews
      c. When I met you, and responded to your comment about plate armor, after whatever you said the first thing you made sure to say was "Hi, I'm Holya" (clearly you have a fat head, judging by your need for identification).
    2. Someone who ruins things for everyone (toxicity is typically associated with poison, and poison with death, server died). Again, look at steam reviews. You're a HUGE factor in game's failure.
    3. Someone who doesn't understand that no matter how objective one attempts to be, they are still ignorant to the core (I see the irony, don't worry) because we're humans.

    I fit one of the above.
    You fit all three.

    Also just for the purposes of stating i'm not simply some pvp-hater:

    1. Albion Online, T8 in every game wipe thus far (incase you don't know what Albion Online is, it's an open world full loot sandbox pvp mmorpg, still in beta), with a 1v1 K/D of 2.12
    2. Runescape, haven't bothered with deadman, but i'm generally a beast pker and would estimate my k/d to be at LEAST 3.0 (though I guess to be fair there are a lot of noobs on Runescape)
    3. Destiny (Xbox One), top 10,000 in Trials of Osiris, with a K/D of 6.12
    4. Halo, K/D across Halo 2, 3, Reach, 4, 5 is exactly 4.8
    5. Dark Soul, I have no clue what my K/D is. But I wreck, and win the majority of my fights. And those Russians and Brazilians do not play. Lol.

    I like pvp. No i'm not the best, i'm above average. But I figured i'd throw some of my stats out there to show that i'm not only a "pve nerd".

    But overall, yes you're right. I'm attacking you because you don't act how I think you should. But regardless you ruined this game and that upsets me, because I thoroughly enjoy this game and wish it was successful.
    It's human nature to defend what said person loves.

    Sorry. Not sorry. I'm passionate, i'm sure you get that.

    Have a good gaming career @Holya


    This post is deleted!

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