Hello all! New Player!

  • Hello everyone! My quick background in gaming. Started online gaming in the 90's with Warcraft II: Battlenet Edition, Moved onto Diablo II and StarCraft, come mid 2001 I started playing Runescape all the time then quit 2010 when they released RS3. Quit online gaming all together. Came back to online games recently I have been trying out tons of MMO's and have not liked a single one. Until I found this game.

    The graphics is what pulled me in first. I love the graphics! It reminds me a lot of Diablo and other games from the 90's. Also, the classless system is what I think is the greatest. I don't like to be restricted to one style of play. I have only played for a few minutes but to see a crafting system is great too, it looks like just the right amount of working skills.

    I look forward to playing with everyone. See you in the game!

  • Welcome!!! We look forward to playing with you. You'll love our game, that much is promised haha.

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