New player!

  • Hello, I played most MMOs and the traditional quest system does not cut it for me anymore. I dont care how good your endgame is, if the road to it is boring and uncolourful then ill pass. Also I am less interested in state of the art graphics with bouncy boobs dynamics. I want something more down to earth and grindy. Some game where the effort I put in day after day feels rewarding and I am in complete freedom to gain stats the way I want.
    Linkrealms has been fun the past 2 days and ill only keep playing it.


    Welcome! if you play PVP run away from @Holya and if you play PVE feel free to say hi to all of us!

  • This game isn't foused on end game. The structure of this game is unique and will not be boring at any given point IMO.

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