Farming for Good Staffs (slayers / multi property staffs & artifacts) & Cloth Armor?

  • I am decently geared for now and trying to find the best places to farm decent gear for my invoke mage build.

    I am at about 70% mana regen, about 14% lower mana cost and low on spell damage and cast speed increases. Any thoughts of where to farm for gear? I know that the skeleton mages drop staffs but not that high in intensity. The Gnome King drops a few staffs but is time dependent though. I tried Void Castle but it's too difficult for me to kill the overseer.

    any help would go a long way. Thanks!

  • Skeleton mages. The don't drop staffs with the most mods, but they are relatively easy to kill and respawn fairly quickly. Slayer staffs don't really need lots of other mods.

    The gobling Matriarch and her big goblin minion also have decent staff drops.

    BW has the Griffon Grip staff, which roll with an random spell enhancement.

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