Server Down?

  • server down this morning? Been trying for half an hour

  • it seems is down since the restart of the server 3h 30 m ago....
    i am afraid sooner or later LR will be closed even if they say they are not going to close it. It has happened the same situation some years ago with Magicka Wizard Wars, a game in beta and after it went on official release it shutted down after a year after they say they wouldn't had shut down it :|

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    Regardless if you guys could care less or not about LR you still have people that do. What the fuck.

  • that would suck honestly if it got shut down for good without notice. Only time will tell


    Well servers have been a bit laggy lately id say either... they shut it down and said forget us or after the reboot it never came back online @Developers @Prometheus

  • ye, servers have been laggy , sometimes I literally teleport back while running, hope this isn't a shut down :/


    Well.. looking at the post this has been going on for quite a few hours id say they don't know or really don't care


    i highly doubt the game server will be shut down for years. rewolf still owns linkrealms although I have no idea what type of agreement he made w Prometheus / Uriel or his involvement/care about the current state. Prior to phoenix even when Prometheus/Uriel were volunteers and stopped working and no other devs were developing I still saw him in game from time to time tinkering with the game. I have always found it odd Ive almost never seen him in game since phoenix was released maybe once or twice.

    Having a server that doesnt even come online will surely have a pretty negative impact on anyone checking the forums who doesnt play. Just one more reason not to give the game a try. Why are they even planning on a steam full release? Hopefully they at least give us content then..

  • Well I've only seen one Dev (Prom) so we have to wait for him, if the are any other Dev ...

  • 12+ hours with no word? Ouch....

  • 9 hours...

  • Yep.. been trying a few times today, myself. Even worked on my realm map a bit to pass some time. So much for my 30 days straight achievement lol. I haven't seen stairs in game. Can we buy or make them in game or am i not seeing something in the editor?


    @babydluv81 they' the editor

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  • @Dreworok 13 now...


    That probably shut it down for good. Might be why they was giving out refunds. Wouldn't surprise me me one bit. Just cash in your chips and forget about it till tomorrow


    I miss you guys its been fun

  • @Denluen Miss u too guys :c I'll never forget u guys <3


    1. All purchases of virtual currency and/or virtual goods (such as "Credits", "Claim Stakes" and "Founder Packs") are final. With the exception of the case described in the following point of the these terms of service, there are no refunds or returns for the purchase of virtual currency and/or virtual goods.

    2. You have the right to withdraw from a purchase of virtual currency and/or virtual goods within a period of 15 calendar days, counted from the day the purchase was made. However, you lose your right of withdrawal if the performance of the services begins before the end of the aforementioned period. Logging into the game after a purchase of virtual currency and/or virtual goods is considered as a performance of the services.

    So this pretty much means that they can close up shop and not have to give anything to you at all. You should really read through the terms of agreement sometime guys. They can change it at any point in time

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