Hard mode dungeons for pve?


    I feel like the pve server just needs some challenge lol Examples:
    Hades - Boost his movement speed and double his damage
    Gnome king - Double his damage and give him more health
    Blackwood griffons - I feel like these two are just weak in general I mean they're griffons, I'd just say double their damage, maybe make the ice griffon use hailstorm at a distance and more often? Or make the poison one's fleas slowly leech your health. Also, you could make the graveyard part's mobs really fast and deal more damage and raise the spawn rate
    Stone abyss - make their damage irresistible, I mean they're as slow as turtles we should be able to avoid them (maybe make mine minions significantly harder and give them kind of useful loot?)
    Tartaros Centaurs - Make them really strong xD
    Great spiders - maybe add random elemental attacks to the spiders? And make the bosses stronger
    Lizzies - Haven't gotten any maps yet '-' Besides a level 1 map lol

    I feel like there should be more punishment for death i'm not sure how I'd go about that though.
    As for loot i'm not really sure either. It'd be nice if you guy's like put something in like "Ancient Artifact" or something, but I guess you could have the dungeon drop the same artifacts with an extra artifact enchantment. For minor loot, maybe just more blues?

    Overall it seems like just changing some numbers and maybe some copy and pasting. Maybe not some of it i'm not sure. But ya this would spice things up a bit. Not sure how you'd implement the hard mode option though lol. Also i'm not sure if the pvp'rs would want this on that server, they already have an element of danger. So you guys would have to say so I guess.

  • If u want more challange, come in pvp server....in hades everytime the boss spawns , also holya will appear, so u will have more difficulties...

  • @Dreworok the dungeons in PVP are probably freer than in PVE right now :P

  • @Holya i am not so sure ;) every time u say that , it is the time i find someone chasing me hehe


    If I ever see at least 500 online ill join pvp, u have my word. Right now tho all i see is a co op game


    @Holya And to be honest not really. Pve is mostly filled with newbies at the moment, with maybe 3-5 active dungeon grinders and a few less active vets.

  • @Satan nigga u srs? The optimal number of concurrent players is at absolute most 80, and even that makes solo play near impossible.

    Summary of nodes worth farming, assuming high pop:

    • Pstone x 8
    • Spider dungeon x1
    • Lizzgoths
    • Tartaros
    • Blackwood
    • Gnome Dungeon
    • Hades

    Pstones, being farmed efficiently, supports somewhere on the lower end of 3-6 players, depending on spawn locations. though realistically, they're controlled by whichever guild has the most PVPers on at a given time, if the population is anywhere near 500. It would also be doubtful anybody not in the strongest guild would be allowed to hand them in, unless they've very good realms claimed.

    Spider Dungeon
    Spider dungeon is incredibly hard to gank, if the victim knows what they're doing. Regardless it can support an absolute maximum one of person farming efficiently, and can be completely blocked if players choose to do so.

    Lizzgoths can support 2-3 players farming maps, but maps can be farmed faster than lv1 can be cleared, even if the person farming maps is the one clearing. Lizzgoths support one player farming efficiently.

    I haven't done Tartaros since the buff, but I very, very strongly suspect it's most efficiently done with in a duo, or at most trio. For the sake of argument we'll assume 5 manning it is effective, which it almost certainly isn't.

    Blackwoods, gnome dungeon, hades
    Each support a single player, due to slow spawn rates.

    So, if we assume generously this leaves a grand total of 16 players able to farm effectively at a time. That assumes the entire server wouldn't be completely dominated by a single mega-alliance, and farming time sold in a very corperate manner. I've done exactly that in other games, and I can tell you it's not fun for anybody, except those at the top of the pyromid. There have already been points where there were too many players for the server to really function, namely steam release.

    With 500 players online, there would be no reason to PVE, because you'd effectively be locked out of dungeons, or have to share the drops with the 40 other people you needed to defend the node. PVP would not at all be skill based, and simply guilds of 100+ zerging everywhere. Linkrealms simply cannot support ANYWEHERE near that many players.

    A couple points I wish to make:

    1. Have you not been paying attention? Developement has essentially stopped. Suggesting entire new features is kinda sillybilly.
    2. Having strong opinions on things you know nothing about only serves to disenfranchise you with those who do, and make you look like a poopbutt.

    Tartaros Centaurs - Make them really strong xD

    Kinda unrelated, but if you're going to suggest something, at least put thought into it? Forums aren't like essays at school, extra words with no meaning are a bad thing... I'm kinda guilty of this too, though.

    1. The off hand suggestion that 500 players would be optimal for a server shows you know very little about the game. Knowing very little about the game, then asserting your opinions on how it should be handled makes you a poopybutt faced dumb head.
    2. fite me


    @Holya @Satan would you two just make out already and get this over with? The sexual tension between you two is so thick in the air I could cut it with a knife


    @Holya i wasnt claiming it to be optimal, just small community open full loot drama gives me a headache. dont get me wrong its my fault i cant tolerate it, afterall i could just ignore it lol. Besides if 500 people played the devs might start giving a shit and then there could be seperate servers or imo/preferably worlds. allthough if the devs went with seperate worlds idk how that would effect land ownership. oh and a side comment, i wouldnt want 500 people on linkrealms, youre right, 80 would be toos and still pushing it. but i only play massive pvp games. so until that highly unlikely day of reaching 500 players, ill hang around pve and help nubadubs.
    Ps sorry for horrible grmmar, tablets really suck, pc is broken.


    @Denluen U got me I admit it. I watched one of his vids and his twinky voice got me so hard...

  • Wait, you're unwilling to argue randoms hit with me? Well, there's my fun weekend ruined >:

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