Fianna is Recruiting (FIA)


    Who we are: The Noble Warriors of Fianna! A small PvP focused meta game community that spans across several games. We welcome new players and vets alike.

    What we do: Well, what else? Kill things, all the things, we do both PvE and PvP, but priority goes to PvP. We like to be friendly about it to our victi...I mean um, opponents outside of combat, but this IS an open PvP game so PvP will be expected of ya.

    We also like building up our realm network too, with Fianna Skybase as its HQ. It makes mobilization easier (and having a floating fortress is cool). ;-)

    What we look for: Just don't be a jerk and help new players out. You never know, those newbies you help now may easily become either worthy foes or Warriors of Fianna later! We want to fight worthy foes and improve our skills, win or lose.

    More information: Contact anyone with our guild tag [FIA] in game or contact me directly. You can apply to us on our website at

    Put in an application if you are interested, then we will meet ya in game. It's not just to see if you are a good fit for Fianna but if Fianna is a good fit for you. If so, we welcome you into our group and will let you into the Skybase.



    not gonna lie, that's is pretty funny, lol

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