spider cave

  • i am in the spider cave 15 minutes now and after this time i haven t met a single spider with asilver key... I have met one with a gold key ..
    but without silver key icanot enter in gold rooms...
    is the dungeon bugged?

  • it is a bug indeed !


    Do you kill all the other spiders?

  • Depends which spider dungeon you are in. If this one with small number of spiders, then silver key is really random and it drops from big longlegs, which doesn't spawn too often.

  • i haven't understood about which spider cave it was, all i know is that after 20 minutes from 60 i found only a spider with a gold key and no spiders with silver key... then i went in another cave..and all was normal..

  • and i killed 20 small spiders and 1 with a gold key!

  • There are 2 spider caves. One is great with fast spawn and spider bosses, other one has only 1 boss with slow spawn and really small drop rate of silver key. I don't know what is hard to understand ;P

  • uhm maybe it is the second one i think ... maybe it is so slow because they want an adventurer to meet with other players before going in a dungeon to incentivate the interaction i could think .. so that's why it was so slow . I remembered that in the other beta it was a little bit faster that spawn or maybe i was unlucky and i found a really slow spawn ..... i don't know i will kill on trying

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