WTB a lot of things, with good trades, take a look. (PVE)


    I will not be listing trades on here as I have much to trade. Feel free to message me on forums or ingame in anyway possible

    Reptile Staff
    GOOD mage items including staves, armor, and especially mage artis
    Crystal aura legs
    All gems besides chipped
    Any good hp boosting cloth armor
    Blood pendants
    Burglar armbands
    Deathward legs
    Gnome crowns
    Slayer staves
    Any arti capes
    Darkling ingots

    Computer is broken at the moment. I will let you all know when its fixed. It wont be too much longer. However if you wish to work something out in advance on forums, feel free. :)

    Ingame users: Satan Black Chinchompa Morty

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