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    Hello there I'm new to game be going hardcore at it this beta phase was wondering on some effective PvM and PvP builds also was wondering are mob drops or crafting the best ways to get gear

  • Melee/spiritualism is the easiest build. Crossbow users with poisoning are also really good.
    Mob drops used to be better but I'm not sure if crafting is on par right now


    Sup here are my suggestions:

                                                     PVE Variant of Melee Hybrid

    Severing 100

    Spiritualism 100

    Battle Tactics 100

    Rejuv 50

    Conc 50

    Poisoning / Lock Picking 100

    Spell Defiance 100

    Hiding / Constitution 100


    Severing because Blade of Baphomet Artifact weapon is readily available via trade, also there are other artifact swords that are common. Basically, it's easier finding a good severing weapon.

    Spiritualism because you need a pet or pets to tank. Use healing spirit, and lizard pets to kill bosses, or just lizard spirit spam. I also use vampire spirit because he is working now :D

    Battle Tactics so you increase your swing damage, also allows you to use one high end BT. You're low agi so you attack slow and can only use one BT.

    Rejuv 50, you don't need 100.

    Conc 50, same as Rejuv.

    I recommend doing Lock Picking, it's hard to level but very rewarding for a PVEr. Poisoning is also good, it adds dps. Both are hard as hell to grind.

    Spell Defiance 100, so you take less damage obviously. Good way is to let imps attack you while wearing a fire resist set.

    Hiding is easy to macro and very nice having especially when you die, it's easier getting your corpse back. Constitution seems nice, goes well with the whole idea of being more tanky.


    Crystal armor from Stone Abyss

    Blade of Baphomet from Hades

    Also helps having a Psi leech 50% weapon that attacks fast so you can swap to this to regen.

    For stats, i'd do Life > Life Regen > Psi > Psi Regen

    for stat allocations, you def want 120 STR and 90-100 PSI . You can adjust this based on how much agi you want.


    PK Variant of Hybrid Melee

    100 Mauling or Archery

    100 BT

    100 Spiritualism

    100 Hiding

    100 Stealthing

    100 Poisoning

    100 Spell Defiance


    Best in slot is Blood Talon from Blackwood Forest. Currently nobody has it on server. It's a rare rare drop.

    Other than that, double burst proc 50% weapons or other artifact maces. The whole idea is to get a god proc and 1 shot someone 100-0.

    Your weakness is your psi regen, so you have to swap to a psi leech weapon, or stack psi reduction/regen on your off pieces.

    If you do archery the same applies, just use double proc weapons if available.


    Pure Dexer Builds (Good for Noobs)

    120 STR // 120 AGI // 30 PSI

    100 Severing / Mauling / Archery

    100 BT

    50 Rejuv

    50 Invig

    100 Poisoning

    100 Stealthing

    100 Hiding

    100 Spell Defiance

    This build can be completed the fastest, like 2-3 days afk macroing. Can drop poisoning for cons, or 2nd weapon.

    This build is good for farming easier mobs, but you can't tank the harder mobs without pets.


    I made a few posts earlier about mage builds, you can dig for those.

  • @zycor Dude, I've seen one of your youtube videos. Aren't you a Noob Killer? The video was titled "Zycor the Noob Killer". It was hilarious


    Ya I kill noobs. I kill everyone in game tbh.


    thanks for the input I saw your mage build that you were running in the prince rate my build post that looks interesting that's what I'm trying right now how do you like it and what mobs should I be farming as I'm leveling


    Haven't finished it im still grinding. I'm not a fan of AFK macroing.. so ya.

  • @zycor nice builds! One thing about the second build: it's better to stack psi cost reduction rather than gear psi regen there, since if you have 0 concentration you only get 1/3 of the bonus from INT and gear psi regen when using the skill actively. Not such a big deal, but worth noticing ;)


    Makes sense, I always carry a psi leech weapon for regen purposes. ESP for pve.


    Anywhere that shows what drops what or where a good place to farm mage gear is or where/ what to farm when around 62 sorc and what's best way to farm souls for spiritlism

  • Don't look for spoilers and explore the game by yourself :P


    I have been but mobs seem to spawn so fast or not valuable enough just looking for names I'll find em :)

  • Just look for caves on the map or holes in the ground with ladders, or roam into areas covered by stone walls and you will sooner or later find mobs you like. About gear - best you can get is from dungeons or crafting, I never dropped something useful from normal mobs tho.

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