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    Hello friends, I've been thinking about investing in advertising for my professional career and I would love to use LINKREALMS as my first study, but I can not invest in something that you want or is already being discontinued I need an opinion! Is it worth me to waste my time trying to bring players into our world or would it be an investment thrown away?


    waste of time bro sorry save your money spend it on shards online or maybe even shroud of the avatar those are in development and pretty cool =) so good luck sir

  • @Denluen i have played shroud of the avatar but the dual scale map makes it a shit game imho. It is like playing age of empires on the world map and then sometimes u enter in a place in 3d but that is of course not a full immersive open world pvp with full loot that i i am looking for.

    shards online is a good game like an idea of game but i don't feel well playing with it , it is in alpha now but when I try to log in it is very difficult to control the mouse... the mouse responsivity is too high I think . That discourage me a lot. I have played it sometimes ago and it is very unpolished also in poor contents.

    right now i am playing a very beautiful game that is more than 3000 years old and i suggest to anybody... come here and challange me..

    I am looking forward to see dark and light when it will come to steam .
    And also this "LR2" when it will come...


    Albion onlinee lol

  • @Dreworok PM me a game link : D
    Also, I'd really like to watch you fight my friend, Ino

    I get your motivation but were I in the shoes of team Mythan/the people leaving it, I'd almost be offended at the notion development would be restarted just 'cause somebody offered a few hundred/thousand USD for advertising.


    @Dreworok well shroud wasnt meant to be full pvp world unless both players turn on the pvp tag then its different shards has its own problems aswell... and chess is where it will always be at lol...


    Cough albion online cough cough camelot unchained cough


    @Holya think you do not understand, I just want to know the opinion of you, it would be good for me to invest my time and my marketing study in LINKRELAMS, I will never have money to invest in a lot of advertising, The linkrealms 2 was received with great happiness by Me, you are a boy who likes to cause discord

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