March has come!

  • @Prometheus Any news of "Linkrealm 2 " ?

    I rememember u wrote that something would have been disclosed on LR2 in March ! Do we have to wait the 31th or is there hope ? Just curiosity :)


    id be surprised if we hear anything at all..


    I imagine we will hear about it anytime from April - Never

  • @Prometheus make the new game not so heavy in graphic as shards online... I lag there :(


    @Prometheus make the new game with no graphics because we all know it wont exists :P


    @Denluen Probably correct sir. lmao. @Denluen it's never too late to start runescape ;)

  • MaH ! Everything is very interesting like an italian song...

  • @Dreworok said in March has come!:

    MaH ! Everything is very interesting like an italian song...

  • i am beginning to think that they are not going to make any "linkrealms 2 " maybe they have just gone trolling trolling all of us :O


    @Dreworok Yup. I mean maybe they were offended by all the hate when they stopped lr1, but honestly after all the other crap and money invested they just stopped making it. But I guess they just ditched. lol

  • yeah maybe... I thought to see news in these days like sometimes ago when they say a month and they arrive with news the following month . . So april is the month in which they could say something , as they say in march they would have disclosed...
    Meanwhile i am waiting shards online (legends of aria )
    by the end of this month to be opened in alpha ...


    @Dreworok Thought you didn't like the mouse sensitivity?

  • yeah , that is a problem. I n fact i have switched in the option to the other settings .. alt text

  • I just found this game, it reminds a lot of Ultima.
    Wish i would of found it earlier seems like a great game...I'm an old school player of Shade.


    @Darkhorde might aswell quit mods dont even come around anymore server will probably be shut down in a few months

  • @Darkhorde yeah it would have become a great game , but it is better to "wait " for "linkrealms 2" cause this LR will be no more developed anytime soon. But i am wondering if LR 2 is still in project or it was a joke now :o


    Ya well fuck Mythyn fuck whoever wears the pants fuck anyone who has a say because they could have at least fixed current systems before ditching. The game could have survived but we have MORON mods/devs/owners w/e! First of all abusive players on pvp with a hard on couldn't even let the game re-release before dominating, the morons running the show did NOTHING to stop the issues that were KILLING the game, unless posting a joke "hey no more abuse" post. So much bullshit with this company so don't mind this rant that has 0 organization but hey my logic is paralleled to this shitbox of a companies' logic so I am justified! Let's not forget the stolen money! Oh the stolen money.... @Prometheus would tell you that you purchased and got to use therefor money was not stolen, I disagree. We pay money to get the game finished not to purchase bullshit vanity items... seriously sad... but don't worry, GET YOUR FOUNDER PACKS PEOPLE, FUND THIS AMAZING GAME THAT IS GOING NOWHERE DUE TO MORON @Developers @Moderators and whoever the fuck is really calling the shots. I'd hit the MOFO in the jaw if I ever met him.

    Something to add,
    they might make it out like they are hosting the game still out of kindness, HAHAHA, however I'm 99% sure they're just enjoying the random scarce payments they receive (which are becoming scarcer as the game goes, so make your peace with this game's demise). In fact my whole rant may be mis-directed, i'm FULLY AWARE that the dev(s) does not call the shots. So to be quite honest I haven't a clue who I'm bitching at but seriously fuck this game @Darkhorde do yourself a favor and forget this game before you're left scarred by this abusive relationship lol. (i'm not joking, i've been frantically searching for another game like this with no results, I may have to purchase an ultima subscription cuz fuck all those shitty free shards with auto-mount on and what not, but ya, run my friend RUN)

    Biggest fucking tease of a game...

    DO NOT "DONATE", as all you will do is fill the owner's stomach with some fucking Mc Donalds.

    Pathetic shitty milk toast whack money stealing motherfucking class A pieces of human fucking garbage

    Fck this game... damn i want to keep going but am I just saying the same thing over and over? Hope you get the idea @Darkhorde

    @Dreworok one more thing, I promise just one more, get that shimmer of hopeful thinking out of your skull because there will be no Linkrealms 2. There just won't. If there ever is I'll eat my words but let's be real. If it takes 3 months to fix fucking gems, let's see them build a new game... lollool... yes yes blahblahblah technical difficulties blah delphi/delphy w/e.... (i'm sure they foresaw that long before dicking us over). Oh and @Prometheus , I hope this has been as painful for you as for us. :) Sorry not sorry, I just hope you gave a fuck and that the suits are to blame. That's the most optimistic thing I can yank out of this game.

    . I thought I found a rare artifact when i found this game but it was just a troll Camo Xbow.... toodles linkrealmers lolll..


  • I also play euotopia, graphics are 2d but a lot of crafting and classes. Just wanted something different. I'll probably still mess around on here until they close it just for shits and giggles.


    @Darkhorde i love! Euotopia!!! my name on there is diasflak add me!

  • @Dave-Knox I don't understand the switch between a loving, praiseful defense of Mythyn to a sperged up condemnation. Honestly, I only skimmed the farewell note/Kickstarter pitch, but it seems they've acted exactly as they said they would when you were defending them with regards to Linkrealms?

    Whatever money Mythyn(Rewolf/Herb?) is getting, probably isn't enough to break even on server costs. They might've missed places, but they did remove most all advertising for founder packs. While I'd definitely agree not publically announcing Linkrealms development will be dropped while still collecting money with people assuming the roadmap will be followed, that's again something they did prior to you turning on them.

    It seemed to be Prometheus was leaving Mythyn, and mightn't even be considered a community manager anymore. Really, randomly insulting and wishing ill upon people not even in a position to defend themselves just makes you seem overly emotional, mean-spirited, and kinda dumb.

    alt text
    My steam account was the third Linkrealms I made for reasons other than scouting, and probably my least played. Your account was made two months ago. I've likely spent more man hours in this game than the time between now and when you first heard it existed, yet I'm not near as poopy butts at people about its demise.

    srs, get a life. Even if it's just another game. Skulking around the forums, complaining daily, after the game has died just seems so lonely.

    @Clavicus 19 more days on operation diaper sniper, lego ;c

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