Unrealisitic forum view numbers

  • April 18th

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    April 24th

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    4.2k clicks in 6 days on a thread that's been inactive for months seems odd, even if it is externally linked or some such. There are other threads with similar unwarranted traffic, which I feel disproves the reason for high traffic is it being at the top of Welcome To Linkrealms.

    So, is my suspicion correct, or can anybody think of a valid reason for this much traffic?


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    @Holya tbh I clicked on it 4,197 times. Not sure about the others.

  • If the forum is getting that kind of traffic, I'm going to start posting my memes here! Isn't that terrible? lol

    alt text


    I do on a semi regular basis get an excessive load message and I have to refresh before I access the website. So unless 2 ppl at one time is excessive no idea why I'd experience that.

  • @Roundwaters do it in Loliconquest ;p I'd secretly enjoy it being the "most popular" in 5 years when I get bored and check back here.

    alt text
    The view count on the thread seems to be rising at ~600-800/day, in a very linear fashion.

    I checked view counts for the puush images on the thread, and they have an oddly even (mostly ~340-380) distribution of clicks. I don't feel this is human behavior because:

    1. The first image posted doesn't have a majority clicks, with the view count decreasing with relation to thread popularity since posting

    Puush requires its link be opened, not simply viewed within another page. I feel this disproves these clicks were generated by browser addons that indirectly open these clicks on mouseover, or what have you.

    1. "Prominent" screenshots/links don't have a higher number of clicks

    There are a few exceptions, mostly images of text that would require zoom to be easily read. I feel all exceptions can be explained by normal human interaction.

    1. Youtube videos, and double linked screenshots don't seem to have additional clicks

    The youtube videos posted don't have anything glaringly odd in their analytics, nor do they seem to have increased traffic. This could be explained by browser addons again, as youtube has requirements mouseover addons and the link meet to count a view.

    The double linked images not receiving addition views is what convinces me it's not browser addons generating these clicks. I've tested several times, and even if the image is loaded exactly simultaneously, it will receive multiple clicks at once.


    The bots that infested/spammed the LR forum didn't generate views on their own threads, and I don't see why any bot would generate views on unrelated threads, or click images inside.

    The only reasonable explaination to the thread views I can see is the forum automatically generates them itself, presumably for the sake of PR. HOWEVER, I don't see a need/reason for it to generate clicks on images, and simply cannot explain this. Like, seriously, if anybody has an idea pls halp.


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  • @Holya said in Unrealisitic forum view numbers:

    I clearly need to find something better to do with my time.

    I do agree ;) Anyway, the reason of these unusual visits are indeed bots. The website, forums and wiki (in general, the whole Linkrealms domain) have been under constant bot "attention" for years. I have no clue why, perhaps they do visits hoping to generate click backs to their spammy pages when we go through analytics.

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