Trying to log in but it just 'hangs'....

  • I haven't played in a while and wanted to get back to see how things are going (pls save those comments ;) ).
    I let the latest patch download (using the external link, not steam), was able to log into my account, selected PvE (where I have my only character), selected my 'guy' and stays there....says "logging in".....aaaaaaannnnnddddd........ that's as far as it goes....I deleted the program, re-installed, but same result. Maybe I missed something in the last several months....

  • I have the same issue, I tried all the weekend to login but said you already login a realm or something like that and nothing, tried after the dialy server reset and first time opens and when I choose my character then a msg pops up and saiys conection lost, tried to log in PvP and it's ok I can play on pvp but pvp server sucks, well now I know that Im not the only one,now I try to login and a msg pops and says "you have been idle for too long. Please close Linkrealms client and try loggin in again" this is annoying /: but nobody is here to solve server issues, I think..... it's the end for me. I'm one of the few persons that enjoy this game and still playing, so sad... well hf sir ^^

  • I do enjot playing i grind at least a few hours a day for mats and gems

  • @Lobo Interesting, so yesterday I would not get any message, it would just hang in there....tried creating a new character, no go.... So I read your post and tried logging in the PvP, created a's just hanging on that log in screen... Oh and tried the PvE this morning...and now I get those messages you are talking about! (you have been idle for too long).
    I enjoyed the game (I'm a long time UO ex player), and my problem was having time to play (reason I had to leave UO)....and reading the board messages...seems like they are abandoning ship.

  • Same here getting that message now for pve and pvp server is just stuck on logging in.

  • @hiddenpocket same thing happening to me I'm new on here but the game seems interesting

  • I am trying to upload my house lol just made it on the map editor. Have today off work and was trying to get some things accomplished today. Kinda sucks. Was on early had no problems.

  • @Darkhorde yeah it sucks i just started playing and really enjoy the game so far6

  • Where you at the bank earlier. Said it happened to you before now?

  • @Darkhorde i was on last night then i tried to log on today and all it says is logging in....

  • I have been on today for a few hours this morning, just tried to log back in after being on the map editor and got the you have been idle too long message.:confused:

  • @Darkhorde oh so you're playing the pve server i get that message when i try to log into it also. the pvp server lets you go to characters then once you choose character it just says logging in and sits there

  • Same here I'm going to try later on tonight see if anything changes. If i get in I'll post it.

  • I have chr on both servers i just play pve all the time since i dont see many in pvp at all.

  • @Darkhorde alright cool ill make a guy in pve. the pve hasnt worked for me since i installed the game yesterday though

  • Thats just strange me and a few others were on early i just logged off at noon today

  • Think I'm going to try it through steam now see if it works not sure if its just the client dl from the site or both not working

  • @Darkhorde i tried both earlier

  • Well damn i uninstalled steam just because i have the other client

  • @Darkhorde haha you didnt have to uninstall steam you just needed to open the game from steam instead

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