Server backup incident (04/28/17)

  • Hi guys,

    today quite of a terrible incident took place in our PvP server. The server backup procedure failed in a way which should be theoretically impossible, and the following happened:

    • The data of a dozen characters was lost.
    • All guilds data was lost.

    Almost all of the characters lost had just been created. Only a couple belonged to long-term players who have already been contacted via email to rebuild their items.

    Guild data has been rebuilt from an older backup - you might find one of your newest guild members is no longer in the guild, but no more than that. In case your guild was very recent and therefore gone, get in touch with me via forum PM or to and I'll give you back a Guild Charter scroll.

    Game servers will stay offline until database integrity is restored and the underlying issues analyzed and solved.

    On a side note, this is my last task as developer of Linkrealms. More information here.


  • Database integrity has been restored and backup procedures improved. Servers have been back up for a few hours now.

    My work as a dev here is now officially concluded. I'll keep guaranteeing servers are running fine as a volunteer for everyone who still wishes to play some Linkrealms.


    i log now and i Don't see any NPC and Bank in game!

  • @Sativao said in Server backup incident (04/28/17):

    i log now and i Don't see any NPC and Bank in game!

    Check it out again, it should all be there now :slight_smile:

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