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  • Hi everyone. my name is christ i'm new here. and i asking how to get key to beta test. i'm a ultima online fan and i wish i had a one key ;/ .
    i missed giveaways so only last hope here. any suggestion ?

  • @asylumx I have a feeling you missed since beta keys were given before the beta start (I may be wrong). However, if you look in the Winter Beta Key FAQ Thread in the Announcement's Category, it says you can have a chance to win a beta key by advertising/sharing about Link Realms in other places.

    Here's the Winter Beta Key FAQ Thread:

  • thank you for fast answer. but i copy someting " Do you have your own blog / website / social media page" well i dont any of those a i dont like to be public person on web. soo none chance to get a key.
    anyway i will not bagging for a key. not in my person act like this.
    mayby another time will be giveaways to try his UO like type of game.

    thank you for asnwer .


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