See you around???

  • Well i have officially uninstalled Linkrealms i do like the gameplay just not enough here to keep me around, sure there won't be any more development. You can find me at my new home Everquest. Hope to see some of you there. Names Greathammer,got an alt Darkhorde and Daamas...on the roleplaying server. Nice guild and awsome group hunts if tou decide to play look me up. Take care all...and thanks for a good game to occupy my time.

  • I would play but paying sub + expansions,no tx.

    I play eq at private servers eqemulator.

  • You can play for free up to 21 expansions and you dont have to pay to enjoy EQ at all. Just being informative. But i have bought three month all access due to wanting to support the devs for an amazing game thats been around forever and all the work that goes into running it and making it work well, for both f2p and those that wish to support the game by paying for ingame items.

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