I said this a year ago.


    @sefer said in Where is everyone?:

    @Holya said in Where is everyone?:

    @sefer I've always disliked people who give advice/act as an authority on something they know very little about.

    Theres always going to be one of you and every game, the main culprit that caused the demise, claiming nothing bad will ever happen from their actions, and just as I have done in the past, I,ll come back at that moment and say I told you so.

    I gave warning this would happen. Was selling out to VAN and others like him worth it in the end? The loss of population, rep, was it worth it? The games sunk, and in the time I gave it too, 1 year ago. And here I am to do as I promised.

    I was right. Maybe with your next game don't fall into the trap of catering to a toxic holya who throws money at you to get away with exploiting and ruining the game. Because online games can only survive if it has population sustain. You feeding someone bent on chasing away everyone hurt the game.

  • holya who throws money at you to get away with exploiting and ruining the game

    I played this game for over a year, and spent less than $20. I actively/publically suggested others not spend money due to a broken economy. The then developers both publically and privately berated me on occasions, and if anything in terms of disciplinary action, I've been treated worse than most others.

    The notion I received any kind of favoritism is retardation at best, blatant lying at worst.


    Toxic is just something dumb people say when they dislike somebody unreasonably, and are unable to cite specific grievances. Most of my bitterest "enemies" from Linkrealms play other games with me regularly, and reside in my Discord. Most of the people who've called me toxic were cited as reason for applications to VAN from members of said players guilds. Draw your own conclusions.

    Game failed because X

    The game

    1. Has more daily concurrent players than both when I started, and when it "died" the first time
    2. The retention rates were, generally speaking, fairly normal for an MMO after steam release
    3. Sudden drops in player counter can be graphed on steamspy to major events related to developement. Blaming it on griefing is easily disprovable
    4. The loss in population can, again, be graphed PVP server vs. PVE server. The loss of players relative to their respective peaks are almost identical, completely disproving any major impact from PVP

    I realize, as I'm sure you do, practically nobody will see this. Regardless, I'd again point out stating your easily disprovable opinion as fact, especially in such a way as to attack somebody is a pretty large strike against your character.

    u r toxic, fgt



    Prometheus was not the original developer for Linkrealms, he started as a player just like you and me and like many others he wanted to see the game grow and continue development after the original team quit - I think he did a damn good job at doing that. The problem is that the funding was not there to continue development even after all of our marketing attempts, not to mention that Linkrealms was never meant to be an MMO and the coding used to create the game is no longer used in most applications so even finding a developer to bring on board would be a challenge in itself. Prometheus has decided to leave Mythyn Interactive and start up his own company to begin work on a new MMORPG using newer technology.

    Holya has broken the rules a few times and has been punished for it however it was irrelevant to his play style, punishing a player based on how they choose to play the game is not something we wanted to do. Linkrealms has never had much attention as it's a niche game so the population has always been quite low and had only spiked during Open Beta and the Steam launch after we went Free to Play.


    @Pain yes I do have to agree with you he has made way more improvements than Paul has in his many years of development of this game. I'm and a very few handful of people have seen this over the years. He also has took more actions against players that have broken rules than the previous tenants. I support his decision of wanting to get out of something that is a dead end and provide something that can last for many more years for everyone to enjoy. If they can't accept his decision then they can zip it and go complain some where else. in no means does this imply to flood his new game forums with your crying

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